NFL46 old will play the ball with a whispering medium to help the horses

September 23 (Wen / ESPN MIKE WELLS Compile / Love) The Indianapolis pillars won the Falcon team in the third round of the game, and the current 2 wins and 1 loss are still in beauty. There is a mixed war in UNA. For the team, another good news is their custom sea. The veteran players – Vinatieri, which seems to have gone rid of his downturn, full of blood regression.

In this competition, Veniyerri freezer 2 penalty 2, with 3 free throws 3, helping the piles 3 points to defeat the opponent by 100% hit rate. “A week’s performance can not change a lot of things, whether it is good, bad or not tight.” This old experienced a lot of big winds and waves will play the game to be insulting, “this is just a game, one The game is victory. “

Having said that, there is no doubt that Venatiye is before his 24-year NFL career is one of the most serious troughs. For the last season, he has already kicked 7 shots in the last three games. Although the team head coach Frank Reich is open, this old will play, saying that it is not worried about its performance; however, the team general manager Chris Ballard is two hands. Prepare. In this week’s training, the pony tried up to 6 players, and it seems that the good performance of the fighting hindle team seems to let Venati have already saved this job.

“I mean, this is part of the competition.” Wasteyeri said, “If your work is doing well, they will be looking for others to replace you. I didn’t think too much. This problem, this is just about whether my own work is done. If I have not done it, those rumors will come, this is not big. “

Vanatiyeri is the most populated players in NFL history. He completed this strong raise in the last season. The 46-year-old old will continue the legend by step. When he is in the first game, after 49 code shooting, the audience has burst into a lightning applause. I saw the ball that he kicked out first turned right, then turned left, hit the door and bounced into the door; this time I took the steel wire, I obviously gave the horses up and down and the Vinatiyerry she brought. More confidence.

“I think I will slowly get better,” Venatiya said, “Thank you, it is a 49-yard shot, not 50 yards, it is a little bit. However, in general, I am The play is very satisfied. “It is indeed, this old will play the haze before the game, help the team to win the victory; because after the lack of Andrew Rock, the team must need this More score contributions playing with players.