Nfl star took over to be cut after the cut, was hit by a car accident to the air rolling three laps.

“Fu is unparalleled.” Used to describe Demans-Thomas just right; a week ago, the Houston Texas Corps announced that this old-fashioned star, which made two months ago left hedges tendon He is difficult to find a job in a short time. However, unlucky things are not only this, three days ago TMZ Sports Report said Thomas encountered a car accident, although he promptly reported that he would not yet. However, when a witneist describes the scene of the car accident, we were surprisingly found that Thomas alone is a miracle.

Michael Tafia is a registered nurse. In the interview with TMZ sports, Michara said that he was in the Denver area at 12:20 in the car accident, and saw the car lost control. It will be nearly 20 feet (6 meters, equivalent to two layers high), then rolling 3 laps, and finally stopping in the middle of the grass; the whole process is like a crash picture of “speed and passion”. Tafia ran to the car accident scene to try to open the car out of the car out, but the door has been called the card.

When I saw Demagius-Thomas and the other two were rescued from the car from the car, Tofl didn’t dare to believe his eyes. “I thought that people in the car were definitely dead!” Tofa said . What is even more incredible is that after such a crash accident, Thomas is almost no injury; maybe it is very good in the car, maybe Thomas practice a hit in the football playground, maybe … Just because of his The luck is not bad!

Of course, Thomas will not be completely pocked from this car accident because of a life. The cause of the police said that the cause of the accident is still in the investigation, and it is currently not known whether Thomas has direct causal relationships with this car accident. Although this star extension was traded in the Texas in the middle of the season, he spent 9 seasons in Denver wild horse, here, he gradually gradually gradually took over the league. In the 2012-2016 season, he reached a selection of professional bowls in five consecutive times, and the team got the 50th Super Bowl of Championship in early 2016. In the 2011 season, he received the passage of Tim Tibo’s pass to Tim Tibo.

However, in the last season, Thomas’ s performance is greatly shrunk. After 8 games, only 402 yards were 3 times, this is a big appearance with his past performance; before the transaction deadline, the wild horse sent him to the Texas people. Four-wheeled draft, but Thomas did not become a strong assistant of Dean Die – Hopkins. He was only 3 games in the Texas, and the ball was pushed into 99 yards, then in the 16th week. For the Eagle, the right foot heel tearing season reimbursed season. Although he had returned the injury of the left heel tear in the rookie season for only 6 months, he is now 31 years old. If the recovery effect is not ideal, the front wildfringers are likely to face a non-potentian dilemma.