Newcomer MVP is elected by the Madden19 cover character can break the Madden magistrate?

Before the draft of this big play, “Madden Rugby” game chooses to launch a “former dish” at this time. The four-point guards of the Kansas City Emirates defeated several candidates, successful election of this most popular football game “Madon Rugby 20” cover people. In the year, the fans not only saw him showing their strong arm in the field, but when opening this game interface, he often saw the strong muscles of Mahms.

On Thursday night, EA Sports announced the new sect of the regular game MVP and the best offensive player award for the double giggers – Patrick Mahomus was selected as the cover athlete of “Madon Rugby 20”. At the same time, Mahms has the opportunity to provide materials for the new “Face of Franchise: QB1” game mode, which will allow players to create their own quarter-saving and experience his journey from university to NFL. For this matter, Mahms is very honored. “When you still have a child, you will dream to become the cover of” Madden “game … This is your photo, this is cool.” He said in an interview with “undefeated” magazine.

The 23-year-old Mahms is the third young player in the “Madden” series of game cover characters, second only to “Madon 16” external hand Odel Beckham and “Madden 04” quarter Michael Victor. Unbelievable, Mahmus is only 77 points in the initial capacity of “Madden 19”. After all, he only has a game in the rookie season; however, in the last season, he dedicated it to incredible Performance. 50 passed the ball to the leading alliance, the 5097 yard’s password number is only lower than the second place of the steel people’s large-scale column league; and the Emirates also entered the US Federation in his leader, Further.

Now, Mahmus’s ability to “Madden 19” has been as high as 94 points; as “Madden 20” cover people, he has the opportunity to join the “99-point Club” after such a season of such success. However, Mahms’ expectations, “I hope my ability value is 100,” he said, “I think this is what we should work, I hope my name can have a 100 emoticon “

In the summer, Mahms can know how much he is in the new game; and the vast play of the fans can also come into contact with this game on August 3, Beijing, truly see Mahju Ms’s photo. However, the fans of the Emirates, but the hearts of the five flavors. Of course, as a player, it is a very glory thing to be selected by the “Madden” as a banner; but weird is that the player or team who has been selected into a cover of the cover is not too smooth in the new season. A phenomenon is also called “Madden Muratory” by the fans. Not to mention, don’t you remember who “Madden 19” cover people? Antonio – Brown! He didn’t have to repeat it last season, and the steel people did not enter the playoffs. Brown he was still with the team, and finally did not come. Recently, Beckham after being selected as covered characters, the giant team season 5 wins and 11 losses; Wens – Yang, Michael – Victor … The number of examples affected by the “Curse” count.

Can Mahms break this curse? We can polish your eyes and wait for the new season to give us an answer, but you can still relax before this, enjoy the pleasure of new games.

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