Netizens encountered Dunlu basketball, really too ground, this muscle line is too big!

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These two days, many netizens encountered Dunlong and their good friends in the basketball hall in Shijiazhuang, who can be seen from the photo, Dunlong, who is wearing a black basketball, is too grounded Nothing to wear ink, it is very very kind. After this video is exposed, many netizens have said that Dunlong’s boyfriend is really too strong. And Dunlun has always been a person who has always given us a powerful actor in the entertainment circle. It has no idol burden. Recently, the resources he have in the entertainment circle are also quite good, and connected as a domestic The resident MC of the basketball selection variety show, as well as the original variety show “Secret Room Escape” in Hunan Satellite TV, the two-port variety show also pulled Dunlun’s resources in the aspect of the variety.

Recently, Dunlun as a variety show “Secret Room Escape” in MC recording is in Hunan Satellite TV, this variety show started from the first quarter, which is very high, in the constituency
of the Permanent MC. Yang Mi, Dunlong, Justin, Huang Ming, Zhang Guowei, Wei Daxun, Da Zhang Wei, Guo Qilin, Wang Jiar, as a guest of different seasons to record this variety show, and Dunlun also gives us in this variety show. Leave a lot of smiles. Originally in front of us is a very handsome actor, it is a very small person who is very small but very smart, this person is located in the entertainment circle. I have gained a lot of netizens. I have to say that Dunren The development of the year is really getting better and better in the entertainment circle.

The grounding gas is also a person in Dunren. He is not the first time being filmed by his good friend. Good friends, as well, in the exposed photo, can indeed be seen, but Dunlong in private life is a very energetic big boys, and the relationship with
friends is very good, and very funny, standing It is really very attractive to everyone, and the motion is also photographed. When the New Year, I went back to my hometown with my family, and the picture took pictures with my friends was really too ground.

And the photo of this group was after being exposed, and there were also many netizens to pay attention to the muscular lines above the arm when they played basketball. Many netizens said that they would slip slide on the arm of Dunlang. Said that Dunren’s two years of fitness is still very effective. I don’t know if I will join a variety show like a basketball class, what new sports image is given to us? Dunlun this time, it seems that there is no new work in the film and television works and we meet us, and he has begun him as a variety of variety of variety stars. Many netizens also said that Dunlun hurriedly showed some new film and television dramas.

Do you expect Dunlun to give us a new film and television drama in 2021?

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