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At the end of the year, Beijing’s worker stadium surrounded, lively and embarrassed, and entered the night mode. At the end of the season, the football holiday, the light wine became the only theme here.

On December 1, on December 1, in the cold wind in Beijing, Zhonghe Guoan defeated Shandong Luneng in the first time of the team history, and made the “strongest runner” in the history of the top-level league of Chinese football. .

51,708 people watching, not only created the highest raft it’s breaking news of the overtime warfare, but also locked this year’s Yulinjun’s home, with only 4,5519 people’s Tianhe Sports Center.

This has been in the past ten years, and the Yulinjun has set foot on the grass skin of the body in December, and the regret of the championship is intertwined with the release of victory.

It is also the end of this season, with 1314 Guoan fans, with an immersive way to meet all the records of 19 home this season, the so-called stormless persistence, it is true.

However, when more than 4 months, the superchard and the AFC will have thousands of Yulinjun, need to temporarily forget the neighborhood and Sunday afternoon at the east forty, Sanlitun and the North Gate of the Sanlitun and the body.

Their next stronghold may be an Olympic Center, or a long-lost Fengtai Sports prime 9 live Center.

Since 2016 Forms France, Since ccn den cable customer care number the Beijing Guoan Club, the Chairman Zhou Jinhui and the Zhongzh Group have triggered a variety of associations and guess. Especially the topic of the home court, it is more three five times – professional football field, or renovated the body.

Construction of the Workers’ Stadium in 1959 attributable to the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, self-contained in the fiscal, currently managed and managed by the Beijing Workers Sports Service Center.

Since Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is not the owner of this stadium, any topic related to renovation and transformation cannot be just a club’s wish.

Two years ago, at the 25th anniversary of the Yulin Jian team, there was an authoritative media revealed that the worker stadium is initiating the home reconstruction plan. Once approved, Beijing will usher in a more professional new india today tv channel course in the next few years.

Other modifications, also include canceling the original competition runway in the stadium, increase the capacity of the audience stand and the audience hall, and the upgrade to the VIP.

Subsequently, including Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and Shanghai’s professional stadium plan, it has also become the focus of public opinion.

After all, it is not a professional Chinese football in China. It is a scarce resource like a football population.

In the past few months, the rumors of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan will have never intermittently in the long-term workers’ stadium next year, and as soon as they have neither rumors, they have not confirmed. In the evening of the show, Li Ming, general manager of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club, has not responded to this matter.

Pan Par of Pan Pets in the season, I wrote the big boss 2 chinese drama in the season: “50,000 fans ignored the cold wind, still coming to the body of the team, and accompanied us for more than 20 years. Say goodbye … Accompany the 2019 season, I am very satisfied, Guoan is goodbye, the body, goodbye. ”

According to the news news, the renovation plan of the Workers’ Stadium has been in discussing – the new home next season has not contained. Since the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club is only a player’s user, there is no practical decision, which means that any program is released, and it has to pass all aspects and recognized.

Some sources revealed that this is a depth game involving many parties, from Zhonghe Guoan, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Sports Bureau, and even the merchants around the body, will stand in their positions and make recommendations.

Small refurbishment is not large, and the vision of the transformation is a professional stadium, and the restaurants, nightclubs and gym have a huge impact on the surroundings of the industry. For the entire commercial area, it is a “downtime renovation” of the bones.

When you come to the end of the year, many questions are still unresolved – a year refurbished? Still three years of transformation?

The upgrade plan of the Workers’ Stadium, has already ran with time.

Due to the construction period, the reasons of the workers’ stadium will be inevitable.

Since 1959, it has experienced two upgrades since 1959: once before the 1990 Asian Games, the other is the preparation cycle of the Beijing Olympics. In addition, small projects such as replacement of turf, repair seating and adding viewing, are also completed in the middle and superhand.

From 2006 to 2008, in the process of secondary transformation of the industry, Beijing Guoan once relied to the Toyota Sports Center and spent three seasons. Until 2009, they returned to the familiar body and won the only Super Championship so far.

It is true that it is different from the workers’ stadium located in the eastern part of Beijing, located in the core business district, the potential home selection of Yulinjun, the center of China and the Fengtai Sports Center are all in the north and west side of the more living attributes, such as the surroundings around the game. Eat and drink “Irradiation”, it is difficult to copy.

Not only that, in terms of the coupon capacity, the Olympic Sports Center and Fengtai Sports Center can only reach five to 60% of the workers’ stadium.

It is foreseeable that in the next few years, from tickets, goods to souvenirs, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s income data will be affected.

For many years, because of various labels such as “unbeaten”, “the last Siheyuan”, Beijing Guoan and Workers’ Stadium’s watermast has long been deeply rooted. The two can even be equal.

However, for the management of the Beijing Federation of Federations, the Royal Tree of the Ten Council of the Stadium, in fact, there is no difference with Jay Chou, Eason Chan and Wang Lihong – the cost of more than one million yuan per game is the prerequisite for them to enter this site.

Due to its entire market operation, the Workers’ Stadium has been to seek more financial revenue in addition to the football competition.

Beijing Guoan is not the so-called unique. From a $ 10,000 yuan of rent a day, from a central site project of 20,000 yuan, it is an important part of the five-person or cage venue for the public.

Such business models are also applicable to the vast rackets of China Superbeds – all stadiums need to maximize their interests, only the exception is Henan Jianye and Tianjin TEDA. .

Games, concerts, exhibition performances … These are rare activities and scenarios in the home of foreign clubs, are all “homesome meals” in the superior club.

It is in the pursuit of “seeing the needle”, China’s football is frequently “The Concert Audience Stepping on the Turmourd Leather Sediment” News: Soda Green and Shanghai Shenhua, Zhang Jie and Chongqing Sway, Zhang Xueyou and Guizhou Hengfeng, Zhou Chou and Shandong Luneng, Luhan and Beijing Guoan, such a cross-border partner has seen the news, which triggered a hot discussion.

Regardless of domestic and foreign football, expansion or new stadium, the example is true: Arsenal and Tottenm hot thorn from Northern London, in the past 12 years, even in the back of the heavy financial burden I don’t hesitate.

As for Liverpool’s expansion stand, and the renovation plan of Chelsea’s life is also closely related to the income of the competition day.

According to the 2018 “Foot Examination List” announced by Deloitte Accounting, the ninth Arsenal is ranked 389.1 billion pounds in the 2017-18 season. Among them, there is a day income including ticket branches, reaching 98.9 million pounds, occupying 25% of total revenue. This amount is much higher than that of Liverpool, Chelsea and the pike.

Although planning, negotiations and construction of a new court, it is often necessary to spend five years or longer, but because of the right to decide with the stadium, most of the British colleges will take the initiative to follow the trend of the times.

In contrast, the Chinese club’s paper is talking to the troops, which seems to be limited to the wide range of giants in Northern Northern, and because the involvement is too complicated, the “three years later” play code is often seen.

Guangzhou Evergrande Club has announced a detailed financial report in 2015: The club is divided into five aspects: tickets (55.24%), advertising (33.29%), commodity sales (5.32%), game premium ( 4.74%) or bonuses and privileged use fees (1.41%).

That year, Guangzhou Evergrande ticket total revenue was 210.2 million yuan (about 210 million), an increase of 155.697 million yuan (about 160 million) compared to 2014.

However, because you can’t enjoy the management of Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou Evergrande In the tickets and the day income must also deduct the corresponding expenditure cost.

Half a month ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Planning Committee meeting considered the controlled detailed planning of the surrounding area around Guangzhou South Railway Station.

According to the plan, there is a total of 16 hectares of super large professional football fields around Guangzhou South Railway Station, which has completed land storage. It is reported that it is likely to be a new home station in the Guangzhou Evergrande Club.

In contrast, the big progress in the construction of a professional stadium is currently a 2018 season, the Super Championship – Shanghai Harbor.

In April last year, I expected 33,765 viewers to break the ground, named this venue in Pudong Football Plank, with a total construction area of ??135,511 square meters, will be the first strict accordance with the International Football Standard design. Senior professional football field.

According to Tencent Sports Report: “Pudong Football Plan is scheduled to be tried in the late 2020, and is officially put into use since the 2021 season. In addition to all facilities, including the professional football field, including the club office, the football museum and the electricity club, etc. It is all available. ”

The fans in Shanghai in Shanghai are lucky, while Beijing Zhonghe Guo’an and Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao fans will continue to wait.
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