NBA-three points 16 in 9, the rocket is suppressed! Bauer broke out, the list of 11 parties

On November 25th, Beijing time, NBA regular game continued to start, the rocket was home to the bull. This game is a small Bottal injury, and the rear rocket state is hot, Wood and Green are blooming, helping the team’s nature, and you can post Green in the first quarter because the calf is injured. The second rocket has been bite all the bite, and does not let the bull will pull the difference, but it is still suppressed, and half the half is finished.

This game rocket is small-port returns, and Salas makes adjustment, Green, small port, Green, Tit and Wood; Bulls, Wudwi, and Carru, the first is Ball, Green, Ravin, Durzan and Wuhevic.

From the strengths and ranking of both parties, the bull is in the absolute superham. The rocket state is very good after the start of the game, and the bull is launched. The difference has not been opened, caught in the knot, this time the rocket showed it. The attitude is still very nice. The bulls are not very good, and it is good at Ball outside, and the first quarter is finished, the rocket 30-32 is behind the bull. It can be completed in the first quarter, and the game will not return because of injury.

The second game, the rocket offensive end is slightly downturn, with the three-pointer of White, the Bull has received 8 points. Fortunately, Gordon hits 2 + 1, then Shen Jing three-pointed, it is 2 + 1, helping the team to steady the situation. After that, the two sides attacked you to me, and the difference has not been opened. The Bull Lavion and Ball will take the points, and the team is still active. The two sides of the offensive rhythm is very fast, and I don’t know if I don’t know in half. As the Ren is hit on the basket, I have finished the basket, the bull 64-55 lead the rocket.

After the first half of the game, the rocket played or not bad, the reason why the Bulls can lead, thanks to the hands of the three-point line, 16 in 9, where Ball ushered in the outbreak, three points 6 in 5 get 17 point.

Rockets, the first quarter of the rocket is hot, the single-section is 11 points, but it is unfortunately because the calf is injured. The inner line Wood gets 12 minutes and 5 rebounds, and the hurt returned little-port got 7 points 6 assists.