NBA Morning News: The first show of Cossins Strong deer is amazing, Redke does not recognize James saying, the Rockets three win

NBA fans, everyone is good! Today, the alliance has arranged 9 games, and 8 games have been completed. Former All-Star Center Tosssins returned to the game after more than 200 days, got 7 points 4 rebounds 1 assists 1 steals, showing excellent performance. The competition is very exciting, but hot news in the afternoon is also worthy of attention:

1. The letter brother cut 40 points 12 rebounds 9 assists 1 steals. This letter brother is 37 minutes, 24 shots, three of them, 4 shots, free throws 13, 9, get 40 points, 12 rebounds 9 assists 1 steals, his last moment, the last moment, the basket is in the middle. Bucks gain 8 consecutive victories, and the wonderful, bulls, and the second.

2, letters brother and Ramelo – Bauer exchange jersey. The letter brother is exchanged with three balls after the game and pays each other. The three balls have been put into 8-year-old, get 36 points, 5 rebounds 9 assists.

3, the Supreme Heroes up to 68.7%, set the highest hit rate record of the team history. In this exclusive team, the whole team is 57, the hit rate is 68.7%, created a team history.

4, Carlisle: I don’t understand why I didn’t blow the eagle foul, too disappointed. The last moment of the game, the eagle player Helt has a movement of the jersey, but the referee did not blow for a foul. Carlisle said it is obvious that it is a foul, but the referee has no hunting, which is very disappointing, the referee report will be written.

5, finally did not be blown to escape? Helt Ido: I will never make a foul. When the reporter asked Helt’s last attack, he did not have to flee a robbery, Helt said, no, I never foul, I will not be penalized for anyone in this life.

6, the Wizards coach: Defense Tangs’ work is not easy, Kuzma is trying to do. This venue is once arranged to defend Tunis, thank you Kuzma to do and do well. It is worth mentioning that Dows have obtained 34 points and 10 rebounds in 25 shots.

7, Adebay: This is the first time my career encounters major injuries, which is very difficult. According to previous reports, Adebad is due to the right-hand thumb-sided parallel tape, which will make him absent from 4-6 weeks. Adebuber said that this is my life that has encountered such a big injury. This is too difficult, I didn’t expect it to happen.

8. The Rockets will overcome Thunder again, and there are currently 4 consecutive victories. After the Rocket defeated the Thunder, I won the 4 consecutive victories. It is worth mentioning that the Rocket Thunder has worked four times. The Rocket won three times.

9. The official statement of Bulls: Very happy investigation is over, looking forward to the remaining competition in the season. Within 30 minutes of free market, the bulls joined the bull in 4 years 80 million, and the alliance
identified that the operation was suspected of violations in advance, after a long time of investigation, the alliance confiscated the bull team a second round Ball. The bull released the statement that in this survey, the team fully cooperated with the alliance. We are very happy to end, and look forward to the remaining competition in the season.

10, Redick: The biggest challenge in James career is to bring the championship for the knight. James has said that this season is one of the biggest challenges in his career. Redick did not recognize this statement, he believes that the biggest challenge of James career is to bring a championship for the Knight. James once led the Knight into the finals, except for 15 and 16 years, the three strengths did not account for excellence. Compared with the lineup at that time, the current
Lakers have two future celebrity players, which is not the biggest challenge.