NBA-Lakers good news! The three giants teamed up to attack, and the show is also returned, only 2 people are absent.

On November 27, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued to start, and the Lakers took the country to the king. Before the game, the Lakers officially updated the latest injuries, including Davis healed, James was still suspected, and the coach Warger revealed that both people will play today, and the three giants will join hands again.

Davis’s last game is absent in the competition because of his illness, which is the first game of his absent. Don’t look at Davis’s injury before, but he has not absent the game. This time the injury list is removed, and it has been completely healed.

As for James, it was still trapped in the belly to abdominal muscles. But this did not affect him. The game game
is even more likely to make the team to make the team completely boil, even 36 Years, he can still stand out to save the team.

With James and Davis all play, the Lakers’ three giants will once again join hands, and it is time to show a power. The effects of the three giants were not very good, especially James and Wei Shao, and the characteristics of the two were overlapping, which also led to the power of power. Warger is still very stressed, if the Lakers always have this state, he is likely to become the black pot, among the coaching get out of class odds, he is the second place in the league, the CHS, the CHS.

In addition, Walgel also revealed a good news, that is, the decision of Austin Rev, will also return, and he is absent 8 games because the left leg shrick is absent. For Rivus, the Lakers are very optimistic about him, and even think that he can become the next Carru, he is always full of vitality, fighting hard, this season will play 10 games, average can get 6.1 points 2.0 rebound 1.0 assists. And his positive attitude has also got the appreciation of Walger and entered the wheel transfer lineup.

With the return of Rifs, the Lakers only left two people absent competitions, which is Aliza and Naen, and 2 people have not played the regular season. Walgel also said: “Due to the absence of Alisa and KFRK Narn, there is no way to show the real thing.”

This season, the Lakers suffered serious injuries, and have not yet been played, and they can also be fully engaged in all rounds.