NBA is really cruel! One day, 3 big superstar DNPs, they can’t play the ball.

NBA is really
cruel, here is a strong hand like a cloud, competition is very intense. I’m not careful, you may not fight games. In the past 24 hours, three superstars in the league have been DNP (Did Not Play), which is not to play play, namely the Griffin, Lakers of the Nix, and Kenba, Kken, Kken – Walker.

This season, Greenfen issued a 17 game in the Nets, and the field received 5.5 points 4.9 rebound 2.0 assists, and manifested the rules. However, in the last two games, Nash made a variation of array, Aldrich entered the starting lineup, and Griffin lost the opportunity of the game. For 2 consecutive games, Greenfen has not been obtained.

Talking about Griffin fell out of the rotation. Nash said: “Well, I understand his feelings, this is not easy for him, I have experienced, so I understand this situation.”

Greenfen himself said: “Since Nash makes a decision, I have been in touch with some front team friends, including Xiao Jordan. I saw some good examples (last season Xiao Jordan played the first identity, then fell out Renovation), the last season Xiaordan is doing very well, this is also what I want to do. “

The Lakers recently experimentally played, let James go to play as the second lineup. This change in Walger directly lets Howard lose the opportunity. In an interview, Walger said: “Do not use the traditional center to extend the defensive range is an advantage of the team competition. Obviously, our offensive space has been affected. With the season, we will continue to assess (using small lineup “

Let us transfer their attention to New York Nicks, the coach Xibu is in an interview: “Kenbi Walker fell out of the team’s rotation lineup, I can’t let three defenders appear at the same time.” The last game with the eagle The competition, Kent Walker did not get an opportunity to get. The 4-year all-star defender is likely to choose to leave Knicks.