NBA history 50 big superstars ranked! The actual sales is on the list, Wade is too low, the letter brother is super-Harden

What kind of stars in the active parties can be placed in the top 50 superstar list before the NBA history? LeBron James, Durant and Curry are sure that in the new generation of young superstars, the letter brother and the brother should be the strongest. In the NBA history of the ESPN official website, O’Neill’s NBA history, the active parties have 9 stars, and the letter brother has surpassed Harden, Paul and Wei Shao. Durant and Kuri are preparing to impact the top ten, LeBron James is the strongest player in the active alliance.

This list is ranked as shown above. The top ten is: Jordan, James, Jabal, Billase, Magic Johnson, Zhang Bollen, La Libe, Duncan, Kobe and O’Neill. The basketball name of the Lakers’ history has accounted for the top ten half of the rivers and hosted. At the same time, the big shark O’Neill said that he is not angry with this list, O’Neill’s mentality is getting better and better?

NBA history 50 big superstar list 11-20: Oscarro Betson, Olagust, Curry, Durant, J Dr., Jereweste, Karmaron, Mosa Long, Noviski, plus Nate. 21-30: Piphon, Elkin Betler, Barkeley, David Robinson, Lennad, Wade, Letter Brother, Stowton, Ephsen, Nash. Other 31 -50 appearance charts. The active players behind the letters brothers have Harden, Paul, Wei Shao and Splendougi. The list of the table below corresponds to the first picture.

Now let’s analyze the situation of the active player: James History Second, Curry 13th, Durant # 25, the 27th of the letters, 32nd, Paul 40, Wei Shao 42, the 45th of the brother. The 9 people of the active Duty Alliance have been selected for the NBA history 50 big superstar lists. Although there is no championship and FMVP, he has already placed the super point guard in Nash, Harden, Kid, Paul and Wei Shao. Letter brother now has a big honor: 2 mvp + 4 times all star lineup + 1 DPOY + 2 best bursts + 2 best two + 2 best defensive one +1 best defensive two arches + 13 times the best player + 8 months old month.

Many fans in the comment area believed that Wade was too low, and the letters of brother were high, and Paul Wei was also a bit low. Wade career 3 champion +1 FMVP + 1 score king +1 all-star MVP + 13 full star lineup + 2 best one + 3 times best two + 3 times best three stars +3 Sub-best defensive array +18 times the best player + 6 months old month. Some people think that Wade’s ranking should be high in Brenard. Although Paul did not have a champion, Paul’s total assisted 9653 (history seventh) + total twitching 2233 (history seventh), he still has 4 help kings +6 steals king +1 all-star MVP + 10 times Star lineup + 4 times best one + 4 best
two +7 best defensive aortic + 2 best defensive two +13 week best players + 8 months best players.

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