NBA – 82 + 21 + 20, three giants broke out! The lake refuses to reverse, Howard is discarded

The Lakers sit in the home of the house to meet the Pistons, because the last James and Stewart have some disputes, this competition also has received attention. In the game, the two have not appeared in a few positions, and both sides will focus on the game. The Lakers use the outstanding play of the three giants, with the end of the piston, with 110- 106 defeated the piston, the record came to 11 wins and 11 losses, and the winning rate returned to 50%.

The last two teams handed over, James hit the face of Stewart, causing the latter blood flow, then Stewart wanted to rush to James many times, so he was stopped. Now, once again, the fire has not yet, the fans in the center of Steps will meet his arrival with the snoring. In the game, James and Stewart have also have a few times, James has achieved satisfactory, and the body may be as strong, the technical and the gap between the technology and the player are still very big. Stewart played 27 minutes, 7 in 2 only 5 points, plus 6 rebounds, the positive and negative value -16 team minimum.

James played outstanding, 37 minutes, 20 shots 12, three-pointers 9 in 9, got the highest 33 points of the team, plus 9 assists 5 rebounds, positive and negative value +14 The whole team is the highest. As for the discourse, it has become the past, James will not care, he only cares about the team’s loss. Plus this game, James has scored 30+ in three consecutive games, the first time.

This time, not only James is excellent, but the three giants work in hand, and it is the key to the team’s winning 82 points + 21 rebound +20 assists.

After many games, there are some tacit questions between the three giants. Wei Shao also became more efficient, 36 minutes, 16 shots, get 25 points 9 assists 6 rebounds, only 3 mistakes; Davis 15 shot 10, three points 2 in 2, take To 24 minutes, 10 rebounds 3 cap. This time, the three giants, everyone has played high efficiency. It is the ex! To help the team to stand against the opponent’s anti-false, in the fourth quarter to hold the convent, refuse to reverse.

The Lakers win, but the old Homand is DNP, which is quite a puzzling. You know, this game Lakers’ rebound is in passive, 42-53, 11 in full, and less than half of the frontcourt 6-12, half of them. After the game, the coach Woger said: will continue to observe the effect of using James as the center of the second lineup. And revealed that the next move will be the first, Xiao Jordan DNP, anyway, only let a traditional center appease.