MTR: The Paris team knows that Lamos is hurting him to come back next year.

Ramos is very unsatisfactory in Paris, brought to Paris, he has not been google recent newsable to stage the first show because of injuries. France’s “Paris News” revealed that Big Paris did not exclude the possibility of tone in advance with Ramos.

The newspaper continued to break the news 24 hours bangla news liveon Tuesday, saying that in July, Paris’s team medical group knew that Ramos had a problem, his knees and calves had problems, Ramos did not lie to them.

In July, team doctors develop a rehabilitation program cnn global markets for Ramos to let him return to the game in August. However, in August, Ramos calmed the old injury, failed to join the team’s training, which made Big Paris feel tired, even considering the solution to him.headlines now

“Paris newspaper” revealed that Ramos did not recover, a big reason is that he lacks patience. He is very eager to return to return, and the results are inversely, and he repeatedly returned again and again.

latest major news Ramos did not live on May 5th, “Paris News” revealed that Ramos may come back at least to January next year, and his possibility of returning this year is not large.