More sad than the national football record is about the emergence of this kind of football, the building will pour

The national football team defeated Vietnam, and after defeating Saudi’s 12-strong, there was such a news in the Internet this week. A video brush on a short video website, click on the view to 7.8 million, its title is like this:

“21-year-old Xinjiang guy’s ball technology against the sky, China Mal will appear.” This is a title that is exciting. In the case of Chinese football for so many years, such news is gradually going from grassroots from the grassroots. The experience of the league, the countless person, seems to see the hope of Chinese football.

However, actually as a indian daily newspaper sports blogger saw that this bright title party appeared and detonated, not only did not feel good, but it saw that this is precisely a sign of Chinese football may continue to fall.

Who is “China in China” in the video?

The protagonist in the video is a ID called “Nurifei Leg”, and the video tells the story of the professional team through his hard work training, and the first show in a U21 professional competition. Related short messages are said this:

On October 4, 2021, in the third round of the Chinese Football Association U21 League, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard against Changchun Yadai, wearing a net red teenager of the 62 jersey, the first time in the Professional League Envelope yourself in your career!

This is indeed a new thing, but it is described in a wrong way, it may be counterproductive. Just like “Murphy times of india poll Law”:

A bottle of ink drops dripping, it is still ink; a bottle of water drops ink, then it is no longer a bottle of water. We can understand this:

Grassroots players rely on their own efforts to enter the professional stadium. If you pass the correct publicity and guidance, more people may let more people go to the stadium, choose to participate in football training, kick out a future;

If you pass the wrong guidance, you will mislead Most people’s cognition, which feels that football is like a track and tracks, as long as a large amount of training time can play a high level of competition is “successful”.

Soccer, is it true?

During the Chinese men’s football team, there is no doubt that football is a hot vocabulary on the Internet. Some self-media found that people’s concerns about football & the dispel of professional ?? players, and the Chinese players updated the dilemma of Qinghuang, and seized the psychology of most people looking forward to the birth of China’s football, using Nurifei Training screens with some lyrical comment words, successfully detonated the traffic hotspot.

But in fact, fans who really pay attention to football are not difficult to find, there is a lot of problems in his description:

Inner Mal, in the age of 15, in 2007, I have already attracted the attention of the Santos U20 kicking league. At the age of 21, I have signed Barcelona, ??which makes the Chinese who kicked the U21 league compared to him. ;

Through video screens, most of the training content of Nurfa legs are unconventional personal training, and the most difficult thing to play a good ball is the ability and decision-making capabilities on the field: yesterday breaking news kick the empty door maybe you can But when you take the ball on the court, you may be difficult to choose whether it is a shot or shooting, so there is very little attention;

If I want to ask: Which type of playing football is more similar? The A option is the subject 1 of the driving test. The B option is a track and field project. I am afraid that most people choose B option. In fact, it is just a driving test subject similar to football.

Commentors who have a professional athlete have said that on the football court, a player will have to face a hundred choice questions, and the player needs to pass the ball / with the ball / shot in a short period of time. / Excessive / Waiting one, this is a place in football.

However, this video is bursting, but it is impossible to understand this, but will lead the people’s cognition aaj ki indian news to the opposite direction. For many people distinguishing between football and table tennis, the difference between the confrontational movement and the non-confrontational movement in the training method is a foggy water, and such a video can only make people recognize football. Know that you will continue.

Sleepy football in the flow algorithm

I have read several articles, the title, such as “algorithm, exploitation”, “musicians who are trapped by algorithms.” Perhaps this Internet term is more unfamiliar for many people, but it is very common in life.

Why do you open a large group of entertainment stars every time you open a social media?

Why do you open an takeaway app, you will see some restaurants with a meal taste with you?

After you open this article, turn off the app and open it again when you open it again …

Are these coincidence? No, these are calculated by the algorithm.

Through big data, the major mobile platforms will measure which content will be concerned about more people, but often in line with the algorithm is wrong, often ignored problems. That’s why “China, Mal”, video can detonate 7.8 million flow, and many local football team official video numbers have not yet probed.

Does the Chinese really don’t understand the ball?

China, China, is it really unable to remove the “China Mal” lie? Non-also. There is no shortage of large V bloggers in the Internet, but they are also trapped in the algorithm. For example, a small football blogger in the football circle, sitting on the head of the head of millions of fans, and his interpretation of the game, the detailed video analysis, making many professionals, and he analyzed football video Glow the point where the five major leagues in the stream of streaming media is inserted. Sir This is probably like this:

Resignation Entrepreneurship – Content Production (Recording Technical Tactics Analysis Video) – Get Traffic – Signing Agency – Flow Change

In this path model, almost every step is closely related to traffic. For those who specialize from the media, traffic is money, even if they have the core technology, it is not enough to interpret the competition. For example, the gods analyze a World Cup final, and analyze a Mijia League. Downstream ball The team’s game, which will be more popular? This is an obvious thing.

If you want to touch the traffic, sometimes it is not just the problem of the selection, but a point of view, this, many self-media large V has been kneaded. After signing the organization, he will become a KOL (opinion leader), this time you can’t do a bowl of horizontal end, for everyone’s science knowledge blogger, your east is your wind direction.

To the end, you are no longer a soccer self-media person who dreams, but a gold trip in an algorithmic flow pool.

Between algorithms and Chinese football

Algorithms and Chinese football, both words are actually neutral words, neither compliments nor derogatory, just some external factors have given them different meaning.

If most people are correct for football, there is no deviation from formal, the algorithm can play a boost; but unfortunate, most people are wrong to the cognition of football.

If you like to watch the fight, you will not miss an important event of a fire-wide TV station before the year – Wulin Wind, the famous player Wushu Yilong once defeated the King of Thai in this event, and here Before connecting to the European and white players, it simply pulled the national pride of fighting fans.

Such a game is endless in the fighting circle, Zhou Zhipeng defeated the Korean giant Cui Hongwan, and countless “boxing” to defeat the European and American players, China’s fight is really so strong?

In 2016, an article was revealed in a single sentence, the title was very exposed: “a certain one: China’s fight is still in the stage of fraud.”

As more Chinese players signed UFC events, China’s fighting level is really improved, and these falsified competitions began to get less and less. But it is similar to the short video content such as “China, China, is it similar to China’s fighting

During Spain, the author is almost a few people in the local world. People who don’t like football don’t look, know that Barcelona’s transmission of Barcelona will sleep, know which well-known stars during the Queen’s Pass of Battles; if you like football, you can just recognize your neighborhood All players and historical students in the team.

But in China, football is not so high. In the end, can a person exercised can play a good football, or a few people play with football together, what kind of training method, how to start football training, how to improve the ability of certain technical links, almost all of these people Know.

In this context, in order to win the traffic to guide the public’s cognition to the wrong direction, it is undoubtedly in the pit. Chinese football. In the long run, China’s youth may not have more professional players, but there will be more people holding football to the wilderness, poke mobile phones on one side, a large number of harvest traffic “football dreams”.

The building will be tilted, who is going to fight?
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