MLB9 Summary: Space Man 20 points Vadents Solden Hands Red Sos Ground Klever Wanted Playoff

On September 9, Beijing time, the Great League has continued to carry out the competition in the stage of the season. Today, there are 15 games that have been fiercely carry out. The specific competition is as follows: Tourists 10-4 Jinyu, the snake 3-4 red, Philadelphia People 10-7 Metropolis, Blue Bird 3-8 Ray, Royal 0-9 Malinfish, National 9-4 Warrior, Shui Xia 2-0 Pirate, Sailor 1-21 Space, Indians 5-2 Shuangcheng, Angel 1-5 white socks, bear 5-8 winemaker, tiger 1-3 sportswater, giant 0-5 Dodge, Rocky 1-2 priest, Yangji 10-5 socks.

Yangji 10-5 socks

After the game, the red stocking baseball operation chairman Dave-East Bovsky was removed by the team. At present, the red socks are still outside the outer card, and there are many 8 games behind the sports home. In the case of the only three weeks left, the defending champion promotion playoffs is very difficult.

This game, Yangji Walked out, Torres 3 security 4 points, but also 2 points, Jiaqi and Takkeman are 2 points of 2 points. Tian Zhong will play a lot, 4 games lost 4 points, and the Green of the truncation of the ball was not lost, and winning the victory.

National 9-4 Warrior

The Warriors stopped the trend of 9 consecutive victories, and slowed down the footsteps of the True National Joint Head, because Dodge was defeated today, so the gap between the two teams was slightly opened.

The Warriors played the best pitcher this year, Sorros 6.0, lost 4 points, swallow the season 4 defeated, although it sent to three three-vibration, but was thrown out of 3 projectors, respectively, Eaton, Gomez and Sodo. Xie Zer adjusted several games after repeating, and finally completed 6 games today, lost 1 point to win the victory, and sent 9 three vibrations only 1 time.

After the national wins, I continued to steadily sitting in the Kingdom of Kingdom, 3 games, leading the lead, leading the third tail snake 4.5 games.

Bear 5-8 winemaker

The 8 points of the winemaker have made it in the pitcher in the bear. In the upper half of the third game, Leicester also used the second base to be a leader.

In the second half of the fourth place, Braun and Perez’s security make the winemaker chasing the score, then the Ostrin bombards three-year gun, and the bears from leading 2 points into two points. In the second half of the sixth bureau, it will continue to continue, Tams’s Yangchun cannon and Taylor’s placement makes the score to 3-8. Although Ward, the ninth bureau, Ward, although two points, but the difference between the big bear is still defeated.

Rouvery 10-4 Jacquard

The tour soldiers knocked 20 security, won 10 points, and easily defeated Jinyu. Sorak 3 security hits 4 points, the autumn tribute has 3 security points 2 points, and Odor 2 is running back 2 points. The Gutzman 3 security beat 1 points to get 2 points, and the ride line is full of flowering.

The rider this season’s ace complaints Mamna continued to play out, and the growth of the growth is one of the highlights of this season. At this time, it is 8 games, send 3 three vibrations, lost 2 points, win the 13th time Save.

Snake 3-4 red

The snake is reversed in the last two games. In the second half of the eighth, first, the score was pulled out by Suiares, and the homes of Suarez have also come to 44, and they will continue to chase two beats of 45. The second half of the ninth bureau, Peraza, Eros and Lorenzo, three consecutive players hit the play, helping the red people to see the snake.

This game, the red people’s Suarez 3 security 3 points, contributing the key home run. Martt 2 points of the tonic snake.

Philadelphie 10-7 metropolis

The Philadelphorer from the third bureau to the seventh place for 5 consecutive points, and won the metropolis with the fight, and the line has been todded. Both the first firing “Thunder God” Schidgard has lost 4 points, no victory. Robson, who has just returned – Kano continues to play well, this game contributes a home run, there is 2 points, Ramos 3 security hits 3 points, and also ran back 2 points.

Blue bird 3-8 rays

The light is lightly taking the blue bird, continues to occupy the first position of the external card, one leader in the second sportsman, the competition is still very intense.

The rays were still 1 point behind the second bureau, but it was 2 points by the second bureau, Daniel Robertson’s three-pointers, and the proportion of the score, and since then there is no longer behind. In the second half of the fifth bureau, the high-flying sacrifice of Garcia’s venue and the high-flying sacrifice of the autumn and trip to establish an advantage. And the second half of the seventh place smashed Garcia and slammed two-point gun and completely laid the victory. At this point, Garcia 3 is hit 3 points, but also ran back 2 points.

Sailor 1-21 space man

A game that made the sailor’s team, the audience was knocked out of the spaceman out of 2 2, and the third bureau was attacked 9 points, and the sailor only hit 1 security.

The spaceman first sent a pitcher Korte to 8.0, lost 1 point, sent 15 times, he and Wandard became two large gates of the spaceman, and it was arranged to play, and it can contribute to incredible pitching. The record of Cole has also come to 16 wins and 5 losses, and the Suspension will continue to rank first. In terms of work, El Varez 6 points, Springer’s completion, 4 points.

Royal 0-9 Marinfish

Two cross-alliance teams, the macarries were collected at home.

Marin fish first pitcher Sandi-Alcantala actually contributed 9 bureaus, personal record is 5 wins and 12 losses, the audience is only hitting 4 security, send 8 three vibrations. Castro, Bringer and Ramirez were sent 2 points, and the whole team was first knocked out in addition to the pitcher.

Slim 2-0 pirate

The rock rose pirates and continued to sit in the first position of the partition. The red scitch first pitcher Flahadi’s 8.0 bureau has no loss, and the 6 wins and 0 negative records are won by nearly 8 games. The self-sharing rate has dropped from 3.93, especially the two first hair, All of the 8 games were not lost, and the total of 18 times a total of only 1 time.

Indians 5-2 Shuangcheng

Klevanjie continued to win, this game 6.1 bureau lost 2 points, sent 7 times of Zhen Zhen to win 11 wins. After the Indians won, or the second home of the secondary card is 1.5 games. The recent state of sports is very good. The Indians must have a chance to win for an outer card ticket.

Angel 1-5 white socks

Angel is a more dull game, there is no sound of the line, just by the big Valley Xiangping, a place with a point, and the only score. The Barija 4.1 of the tricks lost 2 points, and the loss is not much but still swallowed, the record came to 4 wins and 8 losses.

Tiger 1-3 sportswater

Sportsists continue to raise high songs, in the face of the weak brigade of the United States, be sure to get enough winners, and stay in the competitiveness in the external card.

This game, the gangs who have just wounded back and released, the 7.0 bureau’s pool was only knocked out 2 security and lost 1 point, sent 10 three-vibration and 2 guarantees, and won the first win in the 2019 season. . Petit closed the second day, Hendrick won the 19th rescue point.

In terms of work, Chris Davis contribute 2 points, Kana 2 security beats 1 point, the highlights of the offensive, but with the excellent play of the pitcher.

Giants 0-5 Dodge

Dodge finally took a victory in the dead enemy series, exempt from being swept. This game, Dodge first sent a pitcher to send Hilio Ulias, as a starter to finish 2 games, was hit three, sent 4 three vibrations, good performance. And the real first is the long-reached Wang Tian Jian Jia, 4.0 bureau’s pool only hits 1 security, send 6 three vibrations, and become the winning investment in this season, winning the 9th season next season.

In terms of whaleling, Sigg has a three-year gun in the case of the second half of the fifth game, and laid a victory for the team, pull the score from 0-2 to 0-5. In the second half of the fourth place, the two-point gun of Biti is the first record.

Rocky 1-2 priest

A low scaled competition, the priest first pitcher Raul 6 games only lost 1 point, sent 4 times, and Luoqui first pitched the Pitcher Lambert 5.0 bureau also lost 1 point, the two first hair did not have the victory, both parties Enter the extension of the score of 1-1.

The second half of the tenth game, Machado and Horsom were sent to the barrier, and Miles knocked out a remember to let the teammates ran back, and then I saw Rocky.