MLB2021 season gold gloves release! Guardian Tuan Musk 5 people award-winning history

The MLB2021 season is ended with the Atlanta Warriors to win the World Competition, and the coming is the issue of all the awards per season. As usual, the Golden Gloves Award is an important award for the first announcement. On November 8, Beijing time, MLB promulgated this reward for each location to guard the most excellent player award. It is worth mentioning that there is a team to win award in different positions, this is the first time in MLB history, this team is St. Louis Rock.

The 5 players who got the gold gloves were a barrier Paul-Gould Schmidt, two bases Tommy – Edman, Stateng Nalan – Arrecain, left outer wild hand Taylor – O’Neill And Chinese and foreign wild hands Harrison – Bad. These players have a good time to seek, and the red tones are also in their wonderful performance in the final stage
of the regular season, and entered the playoffs. Among them, Arena is more than 9 consecutive years, and there is no doubt that the superstar level is prepared.

In addition to the above people, the Golden Gloves Award from other positions in the country is Pittsburgh Pirates, respectively, the Costan, San Francisco giant guerrillas Blannd Crawford, the New World Competition Champion Warrior has two prizes. The first outer wilder of Duwar and the sixth performance of Duwal and the World Competition, respectively, respectively. Max Fried.

Compared to the National Union, the Menren ‘s Gold Gloves Awards are divided into comparison. The pitcher is awarded the Chicago White Socks First, the Caicor, the catcher is the Auckland sports home Sean – Murphy, and some people have a prize, the 2018-2019 two gold gloves winners Special – Chapman. The spaceman who just missed the World Competition also had two awards, respectively, Based on Euclier – Guirier and guerrillas Carlos Coria; the two-yard awards belonging to Muskus with blue birds in Toronto Simin.

In terms of field, the Royal Kansas City has a prize, respectively, the left outer wilder, Edlu, Benneuti, and the Chinese and foreign wilder Michael A-Taylor; and the right ownership award will belong to the middle of the season from the tournament trading to Yangji Joey Gallo.

Beijing time on November 12th, another important award – The Silver Cove Award will be promulgated. Corresponding to the Golden Hand Cassett, the Silver Bods is used to reward the best players in each position. There are many personal awards, such as the best newcomers, coaches, MVP, so stay tuned.