MLB15 Summary: Hicks goodbye to Slee Wishes of Rocky Bank 6 Pizza

On September 15th, Beijing time, the Great Works of the United States continued to fight, and there were 16 games. The specific competition is as follows: Double City 2-0 Indians, pirates 1-14 bear, Yangji 13-3 blue bird, Warrior 10-1 National, Jinyu 4-8 Tiger (12 bureaus), red stockings 2-1 Philadelres, Shuangcheng 9-5 Indians (second), Dodge 0-3 Metropolitan, Space People 6-1 Royal, winemaker 5-2 red tick, sports home 8-6 swim, red people 0-1 rim snake, priest 10-11 Rocky, Marin fish 4-2 giants, 3-1 angel, white hose 1- 2 sailor.

Double City 2-0 Indians

The second half of the 3 games, Poland bombarded two points, and finally helped the Shuangcheng 2-0 to defeat Indians. This game, Indians first issued Cleifenje’s main investment 8.0, sent 10K, and sorry did not win the victory.

Pirate 1-14 bear

The second half of the bureau, Casteanos hits the far-reaching second base to help the bear win 3 points, then Bryant is hits the bear with 1 point, 4-0.3 bureau, Zhibase Yangchun cannon, 5-0.4 bureau, Kremer sacrifice to help the pirates won the only 1 point in the audience. Then the game, the bear team is like a tide, the second half of the 4 games, Bryant bombards two points. 5 second half, Rizoan hits the bear and take 2 points, then Bryant tent on the ball to let the bear will automatically take 1 point, 10-1.6, the second half and 7 bureaus, Hull and Kalatini Three-point run and Yangchun, 14-1. The final worsaw team 14-1 wins the pirate.

This game of the bear team first sent a 6.0 bureau, sent 2K, and won the victory.

Yangji 13-3 blue bird

The first three games, Yangqua team with two parallel series, 2-0 lead. The fourth bureau is in the upper half of the 5th game, Garda hosted two home runs, Yang Bay team won 3 points, 6-0.5 The lower half Blue Birds sacrificed 1 point. The 6th game, Torres and Wojit have brought two different guns and Yangchun guns, and in the upper half of the 9-1.9 bureau, Yang Chiang team first paced two points in series, then Ford bombarded two points , 13-1. Although the Blue Bird Team has recovered 2 points in the middle of the 9 bureau, the Yang Bay team finally 13-3 big win blue birds.

Warrior 10-1 National

In the second half of the 1st game, Lennden Anya helped the people took the lead in score, but the Warriors took over the game. The 6th Bureau is in the upper half, the Warrior team is equal, and the first half of the 1-1.7 bureau, the Warrior team three security series help the team 4 points, 5-1.8 bureau, the national team is defensive and the defensive mistakes and A Bills sacrificed, and the 8-1.9 bureau is over, the Warriors Rally and Swansen respectively contribute to help the Warriors to take 2 points. The final warrior 10-1 wins the national.

Jinyi 4-8 Tiger (12 bureaus)

The first five games, the Tiger Team leads with Castro’s Yangchun cannon and Rays’s pace 2-0. 8 bureaus, Mansini’s three-way run, help Jinjian’s anti-ratios, 3-2.9 bureaus, https://www.trikotskaufenn.comRayyes again, the spring cannon helps the tiger team, 3-3. Then the game entered the extended competition, and took the two games. In the middle of the 12 games, Ruis is hits the overcham, but the second half of the 12 bureaus, the Jinyang team first keeps the tiger team to chase the score, then Hicks booked to kill the gun, and finally helped tiger 8-4 Defeat the Joldio.

Red Soy 2-1 Philadelphians

In the middle of the 7 games, Vasquera hit a far-reaching second base to beat, and the reddock team took the first to break the deadlock. 7 bureaus, the red stockings team is full of Franco, and the Philadelphie 1-1 pulls the score. In the middle of the 9 bureau, Benneuti sacrifice hits the reddock team 2-1. Finally, Red Sox 2-1 defeated Philadelphians.

This game of red socks first issued Rodriguez main investment 6. 2, sent 12K. The Philadelphia team first issued a bureau of 7.0 bureau, sent 10K.

Shuangcheng 9-5 Indians (the second)

In the middle of the 1st game, Rosario slammed two-point gun, and the double city was 2-0 to score. The second half of the 1st, Santana Anju and the double city are full of bouquets to make Indians to get 2 points, 2-2. Then the Indians slammed two homes and won 3 points, and the Indian 5-2 contrast ratios. The 6th game, Cruz two-unit gun, Double city chased the score to 4-5.8 bureaus, Poland, the depth of power, the second base, help the double city chasing the score, then Sano bombarded the gun, Shuangcheng 9 -5 lock the victory. In the end, Shuangcheng 9-5 defeated Indians, double killing opponents in a day.

Dodge 0-3 Metropolis

In the second half of the 8 bureau, Davis hit the classroom and hits the second base and helped three teammates. The final troops beat the Dodge 3-0. This game Dodge Team first issued Liu Xian Zhenzheng 7.0 Bureau, sent 6K. The Metropolitan team issued a 7.0 bureau of Degromhem, and sent 8K.

Space Man 6-1 Royal

The second half of the 3 games, Melfield hit the far-reaching second base to help the royal team took the lead in score, but then the spaceman took over the game. 4 bureaus, Bragg Man Yangchun shot score. 6 bureaus, Takan played against the rather than the ratios, 2-1.8, half Avarrez, three-way run, 5-1.9 bureaus, Chrino San Help Space People 6-1 lock Winning. The final space 6-1 defeated the royal.

This game spaceman first sent a Grand Survey vote 6.0, sent 7K, and won the victory.

Winemaker 5-2

The second half of the 2nd game, Edman’s bombardment of the Yangchun cannon to help the rickets, and then the wineman team defended and the pace is 2-0 leads. In the middle of the 4 games, Mustas bombarded two points, and the wineman slammed the score. In the middle of the 6 games, Temys rolled the earth to help the winemaker against the rather, the second half of the 3-2.8 bureau, Gran Dolue bombarded two points, 5-2. The final winemaker 5-2 defeated the red tickness.

This game of winemakers first issued a 6.0 bureau of Lales, sent 4K, and won the victory.

Sports home 8-6 visit soldiers

The second half of the 2nd game, Odor slammed two-point gun, then Trevino also watched 1 point, and the cavalry was 3-0 lead. 3 bureau, Matt Chapman, three-way run, sports home chasing score, 3-3.4 bureau, Fisheng bombards two-point gun, sports home 5-3 anti-ratios. The second half of
the 4th Bureau, the tournament won 2 points by rolling the earth and the autumn, and the upper half of the 5-5.5 bureau, the upper half of the 6th game, Kana and Olson scored two-point gun and Yangchun. Sports player again ratio, 8-5. The visitors recovered 1 point in the second half of the 8th game, but the final exercise was defeated by 8-6.

Red Man 0-1 Rattles

The second half of the 3 games, Dai Sen sacrifice help the snake 1-0 lead, then there is no tree in both sides. The final snake will defeat the red person 1-0. The snake is the first Carton – Kelly voted 7.0 Bureau, sent 5K, win the victory.

Pride 10-11 Rockey

In the upper half of the 1st game, Meers’ s second base is hits the priest lead to score, 1-0.2, the second half of the Luoji team, 3 points, 3-1.3, the second half, the Rociji team began Crazy one. First, Black is bombarding the Yangchun cannon. Then Walleka, Walters and Murre have hit three play, and won 3 points. When the star Ares hit the far-reaching second base, they won two points. The Rociji team will take 6 points, 9-2.5 bureau, and the prince team will take 4 points, 5-9.

The Rociji team is in the second half of the 5th Bureau and the second half, and the Murray hits two times, and she won 2 points. The first half of the 11-5.8 bureau, the priest team wakes up, Urias is chasing After 1 point, then Mott rushed to recover 1 point, and finally the rather than the crucial moment, 10-11, the priests chased the score for only 1 point. However, the final Rockey team is still winning the priest at 11-10.

Marinfish 4-2 giants

In the middle of the 7 game, Alpha Luo baked out two points, Marulin 2-0 https://www.mlbtrojerse.comtook the lead in breaking the deadlock. The second half of the 7 bureau, Sorano hit the profound three-pole, the giant team won 2 points, the upper half of the 2-2.8 game Lin San helps the macarries to take 1 point, 4-2. The final Marin 4-2 defeated the giant.

3-1 angel

In the middle of the 6 games, De Arnold faced the overall situation, hit the Qing Qian and the second base, and the radiance is 3-0 lead. The second half of the 7th Bureau, the radiance has a traverse, let Emoti come back to the base, the angel team recovered 1 point, 1-3. Then the two sides of the game did not build a tree, and finally 3-1 defeated angel.

White socks 1-2 sailor

5 bureaus, Xie De – rose out the Yangchun cannon, the sailor team 1-0 takes the lead in score. 7 bureaus, Collins rolls the earth to help the white socks 1 point, 1- 1. Then there were no buildings in both parties, and the competition entered the extension bureau. In the second half of the 10 games, the sailor team finally seized the opportunity, Navas bombarded the Yangchun, and killing the opponent. The final sailor team 2-1 beat white socks.