MLB14 Summary: Davis stops the wilderness of the rain Snell is a good fortune

On April 14th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand League has conducted 14 games. The fruits are as follows: Angel 6: 5 bear, white socks 0: 4 Yangji, Jinxi 9: 5 socks, tiger 3: 4 pairs, Ray 1: 3 Blue Bird, Rocky 2: 5 Giants, Pirates 2: 3 National, Philadelres 3:10 Malin Fish, Sapphire 2: 5 Red, Indians 0: 3 Royal, Metropolis 7:11Warriors, priest 5: 4 tail snake, winemaker 4: 1 Dodge, space people 3: 1 sailor. The Auckland Sports Family team and the Texas Tour Cavalry are delayed due to rain.

Los Angeles Angel Team 6-5 Chicago Cough Team

The angel’s star trick Turi is absent from the Chicago journey, which should be his first visit to the Rigli Stadium. However, the https://www.fanartikelsportde.comhits only one ofced to Kathte’s three security and 1 point of help angel won the victory. The 9th Affairs is facing the collapse being hitting the situation, and the bear 1 is out of the base, the angel score is 6: 5 lead only 1 point, but the end of Kodi-Allen stabilizes the situation, and continuously Las and Schwarbo remain win. The cow shed of the bear team is relatively poor, and the sixth bureau is guaranteed to be the root of failure.

Chicago White Sox 0-4 New York Yangji team

This game is the first time, Sabsia, who has made heart stent surgery, the first time after his heart stent surgery, the 19th season of his career will also be the last one. He cast 5 games, did not guarantee, only hit 1 security.

Baltimo Gold Squad 9-5 Boston Red Sox

Davis of Jinyang team finally ended a record of 62-consecutive
(54 players), an innocent tragic wilder, 33 years old Davis is currently a 4th season of $ 161 million in the 4th season. The 33 counts of this annual salary of more than 20 million US dollars have not played, but 5 players in this game in this game, 5 playing points, they also feel like they are relocated, no longer become the focus and burden of the team.

Detroit Tigers 3-4 Minnesota Shuangcheng

The five security of the double city have been 4 points, just enough, although the tiger hits 10 security, but only 3 points. The first firing in Shuangcheng has cast 6 bureau to win the victory. Shuangcheng has only 26 four bad balls before the game, the minimum level of the league, but this game is 7 times. The tiger is only 2-15 hits in some people who have a point circle.

Tampa Bay is 1-3 Toronto Blue Bird Team

Although the radiance’s first firing Snell Rui is not a good, the blue bird’s alternate catcher is very understanding him, because Milla has served two years in the light serviced, with Snell to collect many times. Milly broke Enel’s innocent play in the 6th game, the Blue Bird Team did a gas 3: 1 defeated the light, ending the five-game winning of the light.

Colorado Squad 2-5 San Francisco Giant Team

The two sides lasted 18 games for 5 and a half hours, and the 8 trunks of the giant team did not lose the 14th game, and the final giant won. This game giant team trip first pitcher Bonam Garn voted 7 games only 2 points, let the cowshed a full rest, but he still regretted more, he felt that he should be at least 8 games or even end.

Pittsburgh Pirate Team 2-3 Washington National Team

The two sides launched a https://www.mlbboutique2.compitcher war, the first farther, the national Sanchez and the pirates Archaou were throttled. 7 At the end of the pirate team 2: 1 lead. After the cowshed on the scene, the 8th National National Adam – Eaton hit the Yang Spring Cannon at 2 out of the game 2 goodball, then KFRK hit the back to the back of the bacterium to win the lead.

Philadelphia Philadelphia Team 3-10 Miami Malinny Team

Many of them have come from newcomers. The second grade of the second grade of the second grade of the Malinfish team has just recalled from the small alliance. Den’s 4-play 5 toddler, the macarries have ended 5 games. Dian was playing at this game 4 playing, hitting the first three bases and his career homes. This is just the fourth victory of the Marin’s season, and the bottom bottom rises hit 18 security.

St. Louis Hashton 2-5 Cincinnati

The Red Strong Team 21-1 swept the mare, the series of battles equals the total score of the 9 games in front, and the saga has swept the road. The two sides are all morale, the performance of the first firing is also excellent, but it is still a slightly better than the red shed.

Cleveland Indian Team 0-3 Kansas Royal Squad

Previously, Homer, the Kingdom of the United States, had never won the ball since the United States since 2012. However, he cast a 7 game in this game and was only hit on 2 security, helping the Royal family to seal the Indian team.

New York Most Camera 7-11 Atlanta Warrior

The Warriors’ Freman is already safe for 14 consecutive games. The prime minister Sansans also attacked more and more well. This game contributed 3 points. The first firing of the Metropolitan team, Wagas, only faced the 6 players, cast 36 goals, and finally pressed the Treasury Trial Callawan’s time, the first game was expelled from the referee.

San Diego Prica Team 5-4 Arizona Snake Team

Although the hits of Macha did not be 30%, Santi Mr. San Joji is a stimulant like a morale. The priest has now achieved 5 consecutive victories, and the record of 12 wins and 5 is home to the head name of the National Union West.

Milwaukee Wine Team 4-1 Los Angeles Dodge Team

The Brewer Team No. 2 is the first to score the first, and the winemaker is leading ahead, and finally there is no victory in the 4-1 defending.

Houston Space Team 3-1 Seattle Sailor Team

From the third series of war, the space team began to reproduce the championship style, sweeping the Auckland sports team and the New York team, and won the victory in the top two of the war team series, and achieved 8 consecutive victories. Achievement. The Space Strong Star Two Route Hand Otivi is one of the hottest players this week. He has selected all stars 6 times. In 2017, the Space People’s team won the title of the most valuable player, but he is not Heavy gunner is known, in fact, in 2018, he only hit 13 strokes, and only more than a dozen games this season, he has hit the 7-year-old horn, and it hits 5 consecutive games. The home runs again to refresh the career record of Otti.