MLB11 Summary: Spaceman 21 points and wins Aquino three red people defeat the bear

On August 10th, Beijing time, the United States’s professional wanders end 15 games, including 4-3 nationals, blue birds 5-4 Yangji, red stockings 4-12 angel, giant 3-1 Philadelphians, horses Forest fish 7-6 Warriors, Tiger 0-7 Royal, Jinyu 2-23 Space Man, winemaker 3-2 visitors, red people 10-1 bear, white socks 3-2 sportswate, red scitch 3-1 pirate , Priest 8-5 Rocky, Shuangcheng 4-1 Indians, Dodge 4-0 rim snake, sailor 4-5 light.

Metropolis 4-3

In the event of the main scene of the majority, the record of the national team is not good. After lucky win, there is no accident today. The Sodo Shou Branch will hit the Sindgard after the two games, and the national leader began to play.

However, the second half of the capital will chase the score, and the Colbin is chaotic, and the home base of JD-Davis and Ramos hits the back, the two sides have played excellent, Schindga Delgou seven games, Colebi voted for six games, all of which were only two points.

The eighth game of the competition came to the climax, first, the second home base of the Sodo single field will once again be more than the score, but the second half, the Gijmei, the giolme, who played, will share the total score again. JD-Davis is another time-time sacrifice, and the metropolitan will win, reverse the nationals for two consecutive days, these two days have the first bombings of the season, and the player hits the career first goodbye to see Both will exhaust your luck.

Bluebird 5-4 Yangji

The injured returning Yangji Catcher Gary – Sanchez’s first game hit the home run, the fourth game, the ball hit the ball directly out of the left field of the Rogers Stadium.

However, the fourth bureau’s short blue bird immediately reversed score, and Ernan Dussen tributen returned to Sogke and Firapo, the Bluebird Four games ended 3-1 leading.

Subsequent games, Yangji once in the score, Urra’s two-point gun and Le Mei break in the seventh game of the seventh place 4-3 lead, but the second half of the eighth game, Grayro I have a three-pointed three-play, the blue bird finally defeated the Yangji.

Red Sock 4-12 Angel

The first bureau of Champion Justin Outton hits the home run, and the angel began a competition with three points. Although the second half of the red socks rely on sacrifice, the second half of the sixth branch of the sixth bureau will pull the score to 5-1.

Both people in the case of the base, last year’s MVP Bates helped red socks to recover, but the seventh game is not stopped, first is to play back, Turt is full of homework, once again Squeeze a point. After the game, Da Valong also hit Fletcher, plus a few sacrifices, the angel union captured 7 points, 12-2 is leading.

The second half of the seventh place in Red Sato chased two points, but it didn’t help, and the final 4-12 defeated angel.

Giants 3-1 Philadelphians

Dikolson’s first game hit the home run, the Philadelphians were leading 1-0, but this is also the only one of the Philades people’s entire game.

The second half of the second half of the Londoria helped giants quickly smashed, and the fifth bureau’s lower semi-slip also hit the home base to add insurance points. The giant first pitched the pitcher Samasa, the eighth games were only knocked two, and only one point. The winning giant continues to play the role of the “water ghost” in the country.

Marinfish 7-6 Warrior

Seeing the score absolutely less than 7 of the two teams, the first part of this service is from the first half of the eighth game, after the two out of the game, Albans played Alkartra, a second base, Warrior 1-0 Lead. After that, Fremman came to clear the package, the only all-star Alkartra in the Malinfish team finally lost 3 points for 7.2.

But Malinfish is not willing to defend, and they will recover two points in the second half, and the old will hit a home run, and their eight games ended behind 2-3.

In the first half of the ninth game, Camogragogras played in the game out of the three-unit gun, then Albes and Arbania continued to check, but but unfortunately, Fremiman was saved by Sanzhen, 6-2 ports The Warriors look at the victory, but the ninth bureau is half-Merrysesen, they have been hitting three playing in a row, Potty, Diaz and Castro are not willing to show weakness. Marin fish chased score.

In the second half of the tenth game, Prado sacrificed Ramirez on the three bases, and the Malinfish final 7-6 defeated the head-name Warriors.

Tiger 0-7 Royal

The fourth game of Soreger hit two points, the Royal 2-0 leaded. The tiger pitcher Sodo seventh bureau is full of pass, the royal family has two points.

The eighth bureau, royal also has a point of account, and the end of the Royal 7-0 defeated the tiger.

Jinyi 2-23 Space Man

The strongest team of the league encountered the team’s weaker team without many words, the first space man’s Breggman and Alvarez have hit the home run, the spaceman 3-0 leads.

The second bureau, Alt Tuvi also opened Hu, lost the intelligence of the glory, even the pitcher is fouled, directly sent the Braggman back home base, the two games end, the score came to 8-1.

The third game, Corea also hits the home run, the fifth game is relying on the series, the spaceman will bottom 5 points, the seventh game of Alvarez double sound, this game space people single Sea irrigation is seven, and finally they 23-2 great victory.

Wineman 3-2 visitors

The first bureau of the winemaker is fully taken by the explosion. The third bureau is shorted.

Musakas Fourth Bureau helps winemakers add insurance, although the sixth bureau and the eighth game, Danny Santana and Autumn Restably hit the home run, but the winemaker is still holding the game, the final 3- 2 dangerous game cavalry.

Red people 10-1 bear

The second bureau of the Red Man was hit by Aquino and Senel hit the home run, and the leading 3-0 leader, the third bureau Aquino did no one on the single field, and then the red man also kept, continuous security Directly tap the king of the bears Hendricks, the Bear Three games ended 7-0 leading.

The second half of the fourth place is the first of Suarez, and Aquino followed the third home run. 10-0 leader to enter the ninth game was hit by Schwaber, the home run, the final collection, the winner, the bear, two consecutive days, the red man doubled Ball and Gray did not The way, there is a bad news is tomorrow they will pair another ace card in the Red Squad.

White Sox 3-2 Sports Home

After the third base of Garcia, the sportsman catcher passed the ball, he directly returned to the base score, the fifth bureau, the new Xiji Menes hit the home run, he did not speak this season The hit of 19 strokes, and the white socks have received 2-0 leaders.

Wellington – Casteli seventh place shortage to send back Tim-Anderson’s white sock 3-0 lead, the first half of the sports home chasing two points, but there is no good thing, the final white hose 3- 2 wins.

Sapphire 3-1 pirate

Adam – Fraser’s first bureau waved Wenrt, but this old will drop such a bureau to drop such a point, and also sent 8 three vibrations.

In the second half of the first place, Austrian is full of homoles, but still sent back to the second half of the second half, the sleeper is safe, and finally Edman and Durong have contributed to the point, this series of play is also playing After retreating the pirate first pitcher Musgrov, the final pirate 3-1 defeated the rickets.

Pride 8-5 Rocky

The two teams in the first two games became 1-1 flat, and the fourth bureau was hit by Arena and Lunfe, and the two teams were flat again.

The priest fifth bureau, a series of hits, including the long play again, but Rocky never gave an defeat, the sixth game Arena contributed, the seventh game Alonso two-pointed two-to-line score.

The second half of the priest kills the game Mort first, the two-point guns that hit the super score, and the Meers, who played, also added a home run, and the end of Jeat debut. 33th rescue Yes also leads the rescue list, and the priest 8-5 defeated Rocky.

Double City 4-1 Indians

The four-game competition in the double city has achieved 2-0 leaders. The fifth game of Kaipa has hit the 32nd project of the individual season, and will be extended to 3-0.

Odorich 5.2 bureau did not drop, Puigg 6 seventh game, half a rod The home run is also colored, and the final double city 4-1 won the Focus battle of the United States.

Dodge 4-0 rim snake

In the second half of the Mangxi, the second half of the season was used to help the Taoist home, and after the second half of https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comthe third bureau, the Dodge once again returned a point will lead to 2-0.

In the lower half of the fourth place, the fourth bureau is relying on the security and sacrifice to add two points. The final scene will win in 4-0. .

Sailor 4-5 rays

The second bureau scored the fifth game of the fifth game by the rays, the Zunano three renovation, Kilamore then hit a home run, the radiance of 4-1 lead, but the next half of the sailor The line also contributes, a series of hits and a home run, the sabjectment will chase the score to 3-4 after the end of the five games.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Garcia’s home running the game returned to two points, then the sailor recovered again, but it didn’t help, the end of the scene 5-4 wins.

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