MLB-Winer cowshed weakness and weakness to the ground 4-9

Winemaker 4-9

Winemaker 4-9

On August 21st, Beijing time, St. Louis Rock continued to meet the Milwaukee brewing. This series of matches is very important for the home of the season’s quota, so the two teams strive to win. In this game, the top five leaders have a total of 1 point, but they have arrived in the second half, and the line suddenly opened, fierce attack. In the end, the red scitch rely on the sixth and seventh games to attack 4 points, 9-4 overcome the winemaker.

Data highlight

In terms of rickets, Dr. Fouler has only one, but the 4 points, Kerton 2 points, Austrian 3 security hits. Brewing people, Assa 2 points.

Game process

In the second half of the first game, Gonzalez debuted, the performance is not good, send two three-vibration completed three three, today’s game is good. In the second bureau, the wataka also sent two three hoppers in color, and sent two three hunters.

In the second half of the third bureau, Bad’s first rod hit the top three bases, but the red tones were not able to grasp the shots, first pitted the Wacca by Zhen Zhen, Whavei chose four bad balls, but Ed Hand The double kills, the red ramp even one branch failed to win.

In the second half of the fourth place, Aoyu was knocked out after a person, and Delong was selected to pay for four bad balls. Molina contributed to 1st splitter, and the red scitch finally scored, winemaker 0-1 rickets. Then Kilton – Wang was out of the Thomas Galan in the three vibrations.

In the fifth bureau, the watsuka was changed to the field, and the 4.0 game was hit by the 3 to play, and there was no loss. The relay pitcher is still not lost to complete this half.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Jeregi first hit the second base to beat, stopped to have a point; the Tip and Braun high futures, Tams critical moment, hit a hit, Yelic’s struggled to run back to the home base score The winemaker will hold a score, 1-1. Subsequently, Perez and Assia were tapped up in a row, Tamas returned to the homework, and the winemaker was against the ratios, 2-1.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Gonzalez was replaced, 5.0 bureaus was hit by 3 security beats lost 1 point, sent 6 three vibrations and 4 guarantees. However, Jeffreis has encountered a big happening after debut, Austriana is hitting, and Derdy is guaranteed by tentaben ball, and Molina is also hitting the direction, no one out. The winemaker is helpless to replace Jefris, the Kilton-Wang vangura is shipped by Sanzhen, Bad is sent to 1 point, and the red tones are flat, 2-2; then Fouler knocks out the second base of the Qing Qian , The red rickets are instantly open 3 points gap, 2-5.

In the second half of the seventh place, the red scitch is out of the column, and the Kerton-Wang has 2 points to play, the red scitch continues to expand the advantage, 2-7; then Foule and Edman boast back 2 points, 2 -9.

In the first half of the eighth game, Riup, Braun was also played again, and the portfolio of Perez and Assia, sent 2 points for winemaking people, 4-9, winemaker has not waited.

In the first half of the ninth game, the red tones closed with 5 points. Although Keyne’s first hit is hitting, but the three players have not been able to attack continuously, and the wineman will try again.

Both parties

St. Louis Heroes:

1. DXR – F Wales

2. Tommy-Edman’s three base

3. Paul Gold Schmidt

4. Masel – Austrian left field

5. Paul – Delong guerrilla

6. Yadie – Molina Catcher

7. Kilton – Wang Big Hand

8. Harrison – Bad Zhongwai Wild Hand

9. Michael – Wacca Pitcher

Sprong Team:

1. Lorenzo-Kane Sino-foreign wilder

2. Asmar-Gran Daoji

3. Christian – Yaleqi right wilder

4. Keston – Twin Loft

5. Ryan – Braun left outer wilder

6. Eric Toms

7. Helan-Perez 3rd

8. Orlando – Assa guerrilla

9. Gio-Gonzalece Pitcher

Next look

The final competition will send Adam – Wen Wright as a first-hand pitcher, this season 9 wins and 8 losses 4.33 self-blame rate, the last 6.2 game only lost 1 point, and April 24 On the day, I first face the winemaker, and the 6.0 game only lost 1 point to win the victory. Wen Wright is quite good at home this season, and 11 wins and 2 negative 2.19 self-sharing scores. The winemaker first pitched the pitcher to Adrian – Haoze, 5 wins and 5 losses 3.76 self-blame rate, the last two games have been in the game, and only 1 point, then the next game The highest 10-vibrates were sent to the cavalry cavalry. He has lost 1 point in two consecutive games.