MLB-Warriors playoffs were eliminated by the team soul Frien let the team see the next season hopes

The National Association of Ziyatland was eliminated by Los Angeles Daoqian Warriors. They were probably 0 to 3 to be eliminated, but the team’s soul Friedman’s 3rd war is stringing, so that the Warriors’ future is full of hope.

Fremman shouted after the key bombings.

Fremman shouted after the key bombings.

Solitary hero stands up

The baseball of Freman flew straight to the Warriors home Sun Trunk Stadium, the steakhouse of the right front field, the fly is so fast, so resolute, so that the Dodge Team Pu Yes looked at it. The top is like a plane that has been tall and high.

As Fremman jogs to the liner line, the fireworks in the stadium have been accompanied by each step after the first season. The spirit of the Atlanta Warriors looked at the team’s player’s seating area, shouting, and ventilated. At that time, the Warriors had been in the national distribution of the total score of 0 to 2 behind the Daoqi. The Warriors were eaten by opponents at the 3rd battle of one degree. If Fremman does not help the team out of this dilemma, then his situation will be extremely embarrassing. Therefore, he once again became a lonely hero, and he pulled Atlanta again from the edge of the cliff.

“This is the greatest game in our lives.” Friedman said, “We see 5 to 0 leader is very unhappy. Therefore, we stay at 5 to 5 times, and we know We still have a chance. The ending is that we have been doing this season. We get it, we will kill. “

“For a long time, he has been working on this team, and he will continue for a long time, he will continue.” China and foreign wilder said with West Atight, “We are very honored to have such a great barrier. Such a key figure. “

At that time, the cruel reality was: Atlanta’s remaining season may only be calculated hours in hours. The Dodge looks like a stronger than the Warriors, and the game on Sunday is only a death. But thanks to Fritman, the Warriors still have the hope of survival.

Hall of Fame, Jones, Jones, Ball in Warrior Stadium

Hall of Fame, Jones, Jones, Ball in Warrior Stadium

Jones 3rd war

The Sun Trunk Stadium officially operated last year, when the Warriors built this stadium, they designed a fairy-like facility, and these and actually viewing the baseball game is not born. One of the elements is: a whole curve on the square, deep under the front view, used to interpret the brilliant history of the Warriors. That is a concentrated history, mainly focused on a player, namely Hank – Allen; concentrated in an era, that is, in the 1990s, even though this is still very conspicuous.

After walking this museum, you will see the relics of the history from the show glass, such as the greatest counterattack competition in the history of baseball: 1992 State Counsel, West Germany Brim squatted from the second base The knee padded when running to Victory, and Hank – Allen’s ball stick used in 1974.

Some relics are the ordinary fans who can not see, the silver rod award and the gold gloves, these only Warriors play back to the locker room from the stadium to see, these will never remind the Warriors of today, they look forward to the expectation How high is it. Indeed, many people in the fans have not born in the warriors in 1991, but the history of Atlanta is too bright, and now there is not so much.

The Warriors who entered the 21st century fell too much, far from the achievements of their seniors in their 1990s. From the 2013 season to the 2017 season, the Warriors’ victory has never been broken through 50%, and since 2004, they have never been more than 1 game in the playoffs, since 2001 has never won a round season. The mating series. You don’t have to tell now that this detachment still has to be completed, and they are constantly reminded every moment in the stadium.

Fremman is only 29 years old, but it seems that he has been here. He is the last thread https://www.maillotspascherfr.comof the Warriors’ brilliant years. He is the only player in the team in the team in the team, while Chip Jones is the last iconic of the Warriors in the 1990s. figure.

Ingenious, it is the first time that Jones made by Jones for the game on Sunday. When he walked on the court, the music “Crazy Train”, his carry-on music, the whole stadium is like returned. the year 1995. Today, Jones has a famous man who has grown in a white, when the pitch is invested in Fritman, it carries too much things.

The last game of Jones career, that is, the Warriors are on the outer card of the Shengluus, Freman is present. Since then, Fremman has been servicing, calm, calm, and firm, even if his team plays like a five-year-old garbage team, and the scandal is connected. Even if the Warriors get 70 wins very struggle, Fremman still continues to contribute to themselves.

Therefore, when Atlanta broke into the playoffs for the first time in 5 years, Jones’ s appearance is not only a matter of greatness, and it is like the decision of the god of baseball, he is the moment when the team may be defeated.

Released shouting Atlanta will vibrate from this time

The Warriors have not yet received the first two games in the Warship Series. This is the first time since 1921, the history of baseball. Therefore, when the Akunia hits a full hit, the Warriors are 5-10, and become the youngest full bombers in the playoffs.

“Ronald (Akunia) is very important to us in the second game.” Friedman said, “We need to remove the two boulders.”

But the warrior is still an oldest, and the big score is always a prelude of the defeat. Dodge recovered 5 points, and then blowing the world contest, blowing a super bowl, blowing the national championship, the soul of the national champion, shrouded over Atlanta.

Then, Fremman stood up. He has just replaced the first player’s front teammate Alex-Wood in the 6th game. Fremiman is the first player on Wood’s pair.

“Freddy (Friedman) can always make a cool thing.” Guerrine said, “This is the reason why he became a special player. He knew the crucial moment.”

Wood first picked up, and wanted to sneak out the bombing of the bomb and fled Bremen, but Freman took this ball and hit it very far. Then shouted.

“He rarely, when he hit the ball, the ball flew out, he shouted, he aroused our fighting spirit.” Calberien said, “no one is more suitable for him.” Ball. “

Today, although the Warriors Series were eliminated 1 to 3, Fritman will continue to lead Atlanta in the future.

“I really don’t know what happened.” Friedman laughed afterwards. That is a description of a passionate performance minimum. “I am very excited. That let us lead, I can’t stand up.”