MLB unveiled the battle to the Tokyo giant egg staged fireworks show Suzuki Yongshi sauna

Beijing time on March 20th, the US duty wander, the United States, the unveiled battle of the new season in Japan, which is also the fifth time in Japan in Japan.The two sides of this game are the Auckland sports team and Seattle sailors in the Menian West District. The game is also a wonderful, and there is a 5-sports horn, eventually relying on Santana’s Sanner’s fullness of Santa and Gonzalez.The sailor team 9-7 has achieved victory and harvested the season in the season.

Data highlight

Auckland Sports

The first-year-old Pitcher Irs, the Irs, the Third Court, was hit, including a full range of five points, and two guaranteed; Trivino ninth game came out of 3 times. In terms of hit, Chapman 5 played 2 hits including a three-point home run, but he also got a goodbye to Senuch; Chris Davis and Steven Piscotti were single 4-player 1, including A home run.

Seattle sailor

First, Malco-Gonzales, 69, 69, 6 points, 3 points, 3 points, and harvest the first high quality first of this season. In terms of hit, Tim Baker Ham 3 played 2 points, but there is a pirate being caught; Nakazzón 5 countd from 2 to pay for two points, but by Zhen Zhen 3 times; Domingo – Santana 5 shots have only one place, is a full homing.

Game process

This game in Tokyo was calculated as the home of the sportsist, so the sports team took the lead in shooting. The first half of France is hit by the old Jay Bruce, but he then three oscillated Edwin – Nakanau, which was safe to see. The first half of the sportsman took the lead in score, after the two out of the game, although Marco Gonzalez’s ball pressure was low but was also sent from Stephen Piscotira to send the Chinese and foreign country homes outside the wall. At the end of the game, the sports team got 1-0 leaders.

The second bureau of the sports team continued to expand the score, after Pingdel was hit, Musse-Simin’s right time to send him back to the second point, but the catcher Nick Hendeli played a double kill Ending this semi-bureau, I have not allowed the sports home to expand the lead, the second game is over, the sportsman is 2-0 lead.

In the third bureau, Baker Haman hit the base, then the Suzuki is the first to fight, but he hits the inner flipball and being killed. Gordon immediately hit the antestone and sent back to Bakeham. To keep the base, form a base. In the face of the situation out of the two people, Domingo, who has just joined the sailor – Santana hits the home, this is his head of his career, and the sailor 5-2 will be more likely.

The third bureau in the third game is not willing to show weakness, Matt Chapman first hits the second base to beat, and then the home base is playing Wang Chris Davis, she has harvested the season, hitting the home. Tomorrow’s Tokyo Dome, today Davis naturally doesn’t care. Then, the second base of Chad Pingdel continued its offensive, but Matt Orson hit the earth was moved down to Baker Ham, and ended this half. The three games ending the sports team 4-5 behind.

The fourth game is also the first to fight, he chose to keep it, and then Suzuki is also chose to keep him to the second base, Gordon puts a short bat, almost forms an attacked, thanks to Chapman empty hands Only before, he was killed in the first base, and then the Hanig was sacrificed to return to the three base runner Baker Ham, the sailor acquired 6-4 leaders.

In the first half of the fifth game, the sailor continued to expand the leader, and the Nakazzi won again to the guarantee. After the two out of the game, the ball hit the ball in the left, and Pingdel did not succeed in killing, forming the second base to beaten, Encnasi Weng runs back home score, the sailor team continues to append hurt, the home base of the Baker Ham is playing again, the five games end, the sailor team 9-4 leads.

The sixth games of the two ends are over three, the seventh bureau has not scored, but the second half of the seventh place, the sports team will recover 3 points, Ximeien first chooses to pay, then substitute Arbitra, Robieman,
hitting the play, the sportsman’s star Chapman hit the home run at this time, the small white ball flew out of the right foreign country, the sportsist three points, the seven games end, sports home 7 -9 backward.

At the top half of the ninth game, I saw the winning home team sent the main cow shed Trivino. He appeared in three three times and smashed three times. In the second half of the ninth bureau, the sailor sent the terminator Strickland, in the last shot, he San Zhenchaman, helping the team to win the victory while harvesting the first rescue in the individual season.

Both sides

Auckland Sports

First stick Chinese and foreign wild hand Mon – Laureno

Second stick, three base, Matt, Chapman

Third stick right wilder hand Stephen Piscoti

Fourth rod designated strike Chris Davis

The fifth rod left outer wilder Trude-Pingdel

Sixth Based on Matt – Olsen

Seventh stick two bases Jerexon – Propa

Eighth Bar guerrillas Marcus – Simin

Ninth Catcher Nick – Hendley

First Potter Mike – France

Seattle sailor

First stick two base hand Di-Gordon

The second stick in the wilderness Mickey – Hanig

Third stick, a bar, Jay-Bruce

Fourth rod designated to fight Edwin – Nkana

Fifth rod left outer wilder Doming Geo – Santana

Sixth stick arrested Omar – Navyz

Seventh sticks three bases Leon-Jii

Eighth Bar Guards Tim – Beckham

The ninth stick right wilder bell

First Potter Malco – Gonzalez

Next look

Tomorrow’s two sides will continue to carry out a game in Tokyo, the sailor will send a Japanese pitcher Chrysanthemum Xiong star as a first pitcher. This will be the first show of Chry Chryschi, in his motherland, the board is extraordinary. He last season in Qi Yuxi Wu Shi first, the self-sharing rate is only 3.08, the main investigation 163.2, 153 three . The first-year-old Pitcher sent by the sportsman Malco-Estrada was played in Toronto Blue Birds last season, but he was in poor performance, and 28 first swallowed 14 scenes, the self-sharing rate was as high as 5.64.