MLB review: Sapphire, 3rd record, homework, fast, red socks, Morara, magical reversal

On March 30, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand League conducted 8 games, the fruits were as follows: Space 2: 4 light, Rocky 6: 1 macarth fish, tiger 0: 6 blue bird, saga 9: 5 Winemaker, Angel 6: 2 Sports, Giants 1: 4 Pride, Red Socks 7: 6 Sailor, Rattles Snake 5: 4 Dodge.

Houston Space Strong Team 2: 4 Tampa Bay

After the light team was unveiled, he pulled back a city today. Diyaz Spring Excellence during the radiance has been adjusting the action, looking forward to having greater power, and efforts have not been in vain. Diaz slammed the 420 yards from the Space team, and only 17 degrees from the homes of the 420 yards. The lowest angle home base of the radiance has been recorded in 2015. The only self-sublet of 4 points is lost. The radiance first pitcher Charlie – Morton was originally a space team player. This is the first place he represents the ray. It has lost 2 points for the old Dong’s 5 games. Good people. The 4 points got from the rays of the rays are the greatest support for the cowshed teams that are not lost in Morton and the rays.

Colorado Squad 6: 1 Miami Madolin

The Luoji team first pitched Herman-Marquis’s 6-game performance, only hitting 2 security, but one of them was the home running to make Malin fish, but also the only score of this game, The 6th Bureau of Marques has a big chaos. In the case of the two games, they will be able to make the barrier, and at this time, it is facing the strength of the Malin fish Stalin Castro, fortunately due to the main coach Trust and the high level of the capture Water, 97 Mai’s speed-censor Tallolin rolled out the crisis. The last season of Marques and Waters were mixed, and the 23-time self-sharing rate was only 3.02. In the 6th game, the Luoji team pursued the second, and the 7th game, Waters opened the 4th largest overall situation of the Rocksea team in the 9th game of the 9th game.

Detroit Tiger Team 0: 6 Toronto Blue Bird Team

The Blue Bird team signed Matt-Shi Meike in the off-1 year of 1 year. Elderly first pitched his pitcher in Xi Meikechun training performance, the first battle capital of 7 games was only hit on 2 security. The Blue Bird team has a horrible round value last season, and the self-blade rate is 5.14, and the ranking of
the alliance is the countdown 3rd. The Blue Bird team has elite Strime and Sanchez, but there is more excellent first. In 2016, the Tianqi team first sent 27 self 3.88, but later due to the decline in injury, the restored Houmeck has brought a hint to the blue bird.

St. Louis Hashque 9: 5 Milwaukee Wine

In the unveiled war, the silent sagama, the Bright Hand Gold Schmidt, and this game hit his career 2nd single field 3, and his career 16th single field The competition hits a multi-homer. Gold Schmidt 1st Batter horestat is a leading lead for the Red Season. 5 games ended between the two sides 4: 4 flat, Goret Schmidt hit the Yangchun cannon again to the Holta team again, the 7th bureau is in the case of Lu Xia 6: 4, Gold Schmidt’s third striker hits 2 points, consolidating the victory of the Red Season, and the 9th Gord https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comSchmidt is intentionally four bad balls to save, therefore lost the platform of the platform. chance. Gold Schmidt’s career strikes in the Miller Stuffed Strokes at home is. 407 / .491 / 780, the overall attack index is 1.271, which is the highest ranking in the active players above 100 people.

Los Angeles Angel Team 6: 2 Auckland Sports Family

The angel team first made Matt-Harvey was a rookie signed in the first round of the 2010 Metropolitan team. In his peak, he is a great pitcher, so a short period of time he can arrogantly. . Later, due to injuries and unruly individuals lost glory, 2018 was traded by the Metropolitan team, the end of the season became a free player, and signed a $ 11 million contract with the angel team in the offset period. He was full of 6 landscaping, but the sports team’s first firing is a free player Mocar Estrada, a 4 million-dollar contract, a 6-year-old. After the cowshed, the battle in the war, the sports team Solia was hit by the three sponsor, and the number did not get it, and the reunion was not worth it. The angel team won the 4 minutes. The 9th Sports Family team Rodney was hit in the two out of the game, and then he was held by the “first person” TuruTlit’s second base.

San Francisco Giant Team 1: 4 San Diego Team

The priest is full of confidence in his new team. Lucexi is the fourth round of the 2016 priest team, but it is the first new show in this year (2018), this game Luce West 5.1 bureau 3 security 2 guaranteed 7 three vibration point. The tiba team ended Yes also caused a full base situation, but finally launched a victory.

Boston Red Sox 7: 6 Seattle Sailor Team

In the unveiled battle of defending champion, the defending champion, the defending champion, and pulling it back today. The first game, the red sock team first sent a pitcher Ivardi, was hit by two Yangchun, and the reddock team was in the backward state, until the Northern Party, the same appearance, from the sailor team Strikland hit the 3-point base to fight against 1 point and won the victory. In the 2018 World Contest, Morade was played in the scene of the Red Socks 0: 4, and the 3rd basis of 3 points, chased the score gap to 1 point, and finally red stockings reverse 9: 6 Defeat Dodge. Who allowed the sailor to gave mergers in the Terminator Edwin Diaz Diaz, last Sai Diaz rescue success 57 games, leading the big alliance.

Arizona Snake Team 5: 4 Los Angeles Dodge

The first round value of the Dodge team has been shaken due to the injury of Kax Xiao and Hill, and the battle will be sent to Liu Xian Zhenchi, and the 6 games only lose 1 point. Today, the first first firing Stereprint 5.1 Anwing 1 guarantees 5 vibrations and also belongs to the upper flight. However, the cowshed of the unveiled battle of the battle has lost 4 points. It is due to the Dodge Dodge Walver’s Walch 8, the base is 12 points to win, today’s game Dodge is lost 4 points, and the two parties will enter Extension. This game is like the Hollywood script, 10 bureaus, two-running roads, Baron played, you must know that he is already 4 play 3 play 2 score 3 toddler 1 guaranteed, the result is rolling earth . In the middle of the 13th game, the Dodge’s cowshed cows were unable to stick again, and the snake team got 1 point, and the next half of the road was 3 consecutive bureaus. Regrettime.