MLB giants New York Yangji have recently ushered in good news. The guerrillas of the ligament transplant surgery were returned two weeks ago. This week, he was also activated earlier this week, and today, Alon Jiaqi was pulled in the abdomen I was officially returned to the stadium after the injury was wrong.Yangji’s total coach Alon – Brown said in the reporter conference before the start of Yangji and the Red Sock Series, “judge” Jiaqi is about to return. Buen now has a sweet trouble, is it to go down the team’s 5th owner’s card Mei Lun – Masin became a big problem, but this season, Mei Ping’s hits. 307 / .383 / .491 is very excellent, It is said that it has not yet been determined to remove who will remove from the team list.After five times at the 3A Level 3, the Yangji decided to give Alon, Jaqi, and then activated him before today’s game. In the 5th 3A rehabilitation competition, Jiaqi took 7 three-vibration, such a result, did not say it. However, Jiaqi told reporters before the game: At present, he is very healthy, the prosperity of Yangji is very good, and you look forward to contributing to the team.”When I returned to the team’s list, I must represent Yangji to play the game. I won’t hold the mentality of the injury. Because we are in the big league, I will work with 100% efforts to fight and prepare. I am ready, I will not worry about injuries, “Jiaqi said. “Yangji is now introduced in the United States, the Benren, Wang Edwin-Enkaisi, which will be very interesting. As I said before, I have to try to play my own level, then find it in the lineup Suitable for yourself. “Since the “judge” Jia Qi has been included in the injury list, Yangji has achieved 36 wins and 17 losses. The current total record is 47 wins and 27 losses. In addition, they have average 5.48 per game this season and also ranked fourth in the big alliance. However, it is a number affected by injuries. Now Yang Jie team ushered in the New York three gun Jiaqi, Stanton and Enkanasi, and if the three people can keep healthy to another level.Yangji Total Coach Alon – Brown has been firmly believed that the team should be ranked second. When Stanton and Jiaqi were missing, Luke Voit was almost a full-time second. . So Jacchi never included in the other

portraits after Brun. If you don’t surprise, Jia Qi will return to the second place of Yangji luxury line.

DJ-Le Mei Recreation has been present in the field since the investment Yangji, and he is in the case of someone who has someone is an amazing 4-year 69 ranked MLB first. It is expected that he will also serve as a pioneer of the team. As for Stanton and Enkazzi, the center is hiented by the center.