MLB – Establishing advantageous Snakes 9-2 lightly taking the piracy

The snake is taking the piracy

The snake is taking the piracy

On May 14th, Beijing time, Arizona Rhott snake welcomes the Pittsburgh pirate at home. In the end, the pirate is 3-9 away from the drove snake, and the latter ended his own three-losing battle.

Pirates first sent a pitcher Jintham’s first time as a first, showing a strong man. This game presented to the attack situation, but as the game progressed, the snake attack was unpacking, and each bureau was able to attack the score.

Data highlight

In terms of the snake, Escoba 5 played 3 points of 3 points, running back 2 points; Pellalt 2 security 2 points. In terms of pirates, Marrite 5 players ran back 1 point.

Game process

In the upper half of the first game, the pirate first batter Freze is on the preparation of the crowd, Kabreira is playing, and then Bell and Renault are knocking out, pirate accounts, 2-0; but Sevi The profit and Newman were spliced.

In the second half of the first game, Dai Sen also gave the first base and the pirate was successful. This is the 9th pirate of his season; Pellarta’s anger is home to Dai Sen, showing the value of this pirate, The snake pulls 1 point, 2-1; immediately hit the second base to play, the score came to the order, the two sides opened the attack on the attack on the game.

In the second half, Avila and Dai Sen have been on the base, and Eskiba knocked out the third 30th bases in the season. This long hit two teammates ran back home, and the resin snake completed the score, 2 -4; Peralta has used the second base to send back the score, 2-5, the second front of Jindham’s battle is a bad thing.

In the third bureau, the pirate continued to lose, and Avila used the right foreign wild flight to the Walker, and the score came to 2-6. In the second half of the fourth place, the pirates maintain a situation in each game, and Escoba’s first battles, helping the snakes to further consolidate the leading advantages, 2-7.

In the second half of the fifth situation, Kimham ended, the 4.0 bureau’s pool was hit by 10, and there was only 2 three vibrations. In the middle of the sixth game, the snake first sent a pitcher Robbie – Lei yes, this is 5.0 bureaus and lost 2 points, one of them, one of them, and sent six three-oscillated 2 times.

In the second half of the seventh place, Walker’s first rod hit the 8th project of the season, Yangchun cannon let the snake continue to pull the division, 2-9, and win.

In the first half of the ninth game, the leading snake sects Bradley’s leads 7 points; Mart is hitting the base, Kabreira is equipped with the score, and the pirate will score again after the first game, 3-9 However, with Renault and Seville doubled by Senang, the snake is relaxed to win.

Both parties

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Adam – Fraser 2rd

2. Stalin – Mart Chinese and foreign wilder

3. Melki-Kabrera right outside

4. Josh-Bell

5. Brian Reynolds left outer wilder

6. Francisco Sevilly Catcher

7. Kevin-Newman

8. Cole-Tak guerrilla

9. Nik – Jam

Arizona Snake Team:

Golde – Dai Sen Zhongwai Wild Hand

2. Edward multi-Eshkiba

3. David-Perala left outer wilder

4. Adam – Jones right outside

5. Kitter Malt 2rd base

6. Christian – Walker

7. Nick Amide guerrilla

8. Alex-Avila catcher

9. Robie – Lei Pitcher

Next look

The next game of the sea stolen to Qiao-Musgraf debut, this season 1 won this season and 4 losses 4.20 self-blame rate, he is trying to adjust the status to find the perfect playback of April, but to get rid of a bad 5 as soon as possible moon. In April, although he only got a winning investment, 5 first 33 games were only lost 6 points, sent 30 three vibrations; in May, the 2 games were only voted for 5.2, lost 13 self-signs. The first shovel of the tonic snake is Luke Fver, this season 3 wins and 1 loss 2.98 self-blade rate, the past two games have been lost in the past 7 games only 1 point, April 23, the game against the pirate, 6.1 Location lost 1 point to win the victory.