MLB-Enkanasi is full of guns to ignite the whole audience 8-2 reverse Turki won four consecutive wins

Yangji reverse Turki won four consecutive victories

Yangji reverse Turki won four consecutive victories

On July 20th, Beijing time, New York Yangji met the Colorado Slotlochi of the Plateau at home. This game is the first point, but Nkani is fully reversed in the third bureau, but not only the rather than the ratios, but also complete the stroke state, continuous attack, row. In the end, Yangji 8-2 reversed Grand Shengluo, gains four consecutive wins, and continued to rankings with 63 wins and 33.

[Data Highlight]

Enkaisi stunged guns, won 4 points, DJ-Le Mei Yu 2 安 安 2 points to ran back 2 points, Jiaqi two points 2 points.

[Competition process]

In the first place, JA-Hap was knocked out two anaba, and sent two three vibrations. In the second half of the first place, Frelander completed three three.

In the middle of the second game, the first hit of Mark Mahugang stretched the Yangchun cannon. The 10th volume of the season will take the lead in score, 1-0; then Aneneta is hitting, Hampson uses two bases Anwind returns, Rocky expanded the leading advantage, 2-0. However, in the face of the opportunity to continue scoring, Blake hits the double kill, and the yang stopped.

In the second half of the third bureau, Tokeman first was taken by Zhenzhen, DJ-Leme, took a hit, Jiaqi and Sanchez continuously selected four bad balls, one person out of the base; At this time, Enkani Hand through the gun, instant anti-superocch, this is the 29th branch of his season, 2-4, Yang Sticton time morale.

In the second half of the fifth situation, Torres’s first rod knocked out a base, and the double killing of Udela was resulted in two people. However, Tokeman has used a second base to play, DJ-Le Mei is immediately knocked out of the left outer wild flight, Yangji once again, the score came to 2-5, gradually consolidated.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Ja-Hap was replaced down to complete today’s pitching work. This game was over 5.0 bureau was played 8 amps, but only lost 2 points, sent 8 times and 2 times, although there is no quality first Hair, giving wins candidate. Otvino debut, even sent three three vibrations, perfectly solved the semi-bureau.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Tokeman once again placed the base, and the pirate was successful, DJ-Le Mei took out the wild roll earth, the wilder choosed to take the runner who ran to the home base, the results failed, the score rewrite again, 2 -6; Subsequently, “Judge” Jiaqi opened the court, and the audience greeted his two-point gun, and the 11th project of the season will be 6 points, 2-8.

In the first half of the ninth game, Tapri continued to shoot and set up in three consecutive games. Ane Na Tower was sent by Zhenzhen, the main coach of Luoji was also sent by the protest of the insults; the last three-ZVBLRK Mong, the three games were perfect to win the game.

[Two sides starting]

Colorado Squad:

1. Charlie-Blackmont Right Wilder

2. Trevo Stouri guerrilla

3. Nalan – Arena 3rd

4. Daniel-Murphy designated blow

5. Ian – Daysmond Chinese and foreign wilder

6. Ryan McMima

7. Mark Renault

8. Chris Aneneta Catcher

9. Galert – Hampton left outer wilder

10. Kyle Flander Pitcher

New York Yangji team:

1.DJ-Le Mei Xiangshi

2. Alon – Jiaqi right outside

3. Gary – Sanchez Catcher

4. Edwin – Nakaisi designated blow

5. Alon Hicks Chinese and foreign wilder

6. Luke – Woit

7. Grand Torres guerrilla

8. Gio-厄 Xila https://www.mlbtrojerse.comthree base

9. Mike Tokeman’s left outer wilder

A.- Hap pitcher

[Next prospect]

The next game Luochi first pitcher is Antonio-Senztera, 8 wins and 6 losses this season, the 17th game, the 17th game, 52 times, only 52 times, send 43 passes. The last game of the red man, 5.1 Lost 8 points, still able to win the victory, can see how big the help of the Word on the snow mountain, the two games in July, 9.2, lost 15 points, and the hits are as high as the hit rate. 359. Yangji is the field of the field, 6 wins and 5 losses 3.81 self-blame rate. After the all-star game, I was replaced by the protection of 79 goals. 6 games lost 2 points, sent 5 times No delivery.