MLB competition reproduces tragic sailor leader Hanger self-playing testicular tear

MLB Guest Baseball Gentlers have come to June, each team launched the final sprint before the all-star game, but today the big alliance has passed unfortunate news, according to sports reporter Greg – Johns’ report, Seattle Sailor’s owner Mitch Haniger is included in the list of injured soldiers today because of testicular rupture.

Harnig hit an inner corner to his homework in the game of Houston Spaceman, and immediately reached out to the bishop. Although the doctor was diagnosed with testicular contusion after the game, the final examination was frustrated, and Hanig test groove was torn.

According to the news of the Seattle Times, Hanny will immediately follow up immediately to repair the injured testicles. Harnig’s professional baseball career is very unlucky. Two years ago, they
were hit in the face of the face of the New York Metropolis, and the first month of the 2019 season he was defended by the defending champion red socks. Kris Sel is smashed to the knee and the scene is worried.

Seattle’s general coach Scott Sevis said: “Hanny will be fine, but I can’t imagine what kind of pain he will bear in the next few weeks, his return does not have time.”

The 28-year-old Mickey-Hanger is a new star in the unversposed sailor line in recent years. She first selected a full star lineup last season. This season, Hanig came out of 63 games, but the status was not good, and the strikes were. 220 / .314 / .463, although the 15-year-old horn beaten, the three-vibrating bureau of the first height of the Alliance.

After the list of wounded soldiers in Hanger, the Seattle Sailor Hands currently at the 3A Small League Taylor Skotra on the big alliance.

At the beginning of the new season, the sailor had a short occupation of the league winner, but the injury is coming, and there are 11 players in the soldier on the list of injured soldiers. Hanig’s injury made the team to be stretched. Today, the Civil War of Mei Lianxi District is on Los Angeles angel. The sailor has only three owners and two substitute players
to participate.