MLB Classic Fine Socks Come into a Cragmhood? Yangji injured soldiers full of red socks attack fatigue

On April 17, Beijing time, New York Yangji and Boston socks captured the killing in the Bronx District of New York. The two teams have traced back to the United Jehrenong partition series last year, and Boston’s red socks have eliminated New York Yangji in Yangji. Instead, I got the World Competition. However, when the new season began, the two teams have encountered some trouble.

Captain Little Giants Pedroa returned, but the record of red socks still got absorption

Captain Little Giants Pedroa returned, but the record of red socks still got absorption

The results of Yangji have only 6 wins in the past 15 games. In addition to sweeping the opponent outside the home, there is no wins; the record of the red socks is even more miserable, and 11 games were lost in 17 games. In the past 10 games, two teams have lost 6 games, but from the perspective of the gap, the Yangji (+10) has a significant advantage of the red socks (-32 points).

From a historical point of view, the last time two teams have no longer half a winning rate (at least 15 games) in the last time (at least 15 games). At the beginning of the season, there were several people in the first round value of the two teams. This is the most important reason why they look at Tampa Bay’s opening season in the bottom of the partition.

Alex CORA is talked about: “In accordance with the current situation, no matter what we are going to Yangji Stadium or go to Arizona or Seattle, Auckland, we must play better. “

Aaron Boone said after the gain of the game before yesterday: “We believe in your ability. As long as we unite, we can overcome difficulties. Whether we are still red stockings, two teams Will get rid of the low tide to retrieve the status. “

Whether it is for Yangji or red stockings, it is better to retrieve the status from the old to the head. Maybe in the September team will also kill the seats in the playoffs. At this time, the results of the two teams are extremely important. But just earlier, Yangji has got a bad news.

Tall a horn hand Bud because of injury

Tall a horn hand Bud because of injury

Yangji flow year unfavorable team wounded

According to the team announcement, New York Yangji’s hierarchy is a list of injuries from the legs of the legs. . The total number of players in the list of raw sickness has also increased to 12. The head coach Booval assessment, Bird will miss the injury at least one month. Among them, Bird will wear insider to take 10 to 14 days, followed by further treatment of the medical assessment.

The problem of wounded soldiers in Yangji arrays, there is a lineup of the team’s injured soldiers in the New York media:

Catcher Gary – Sanchez (Thigh Less)

Bright Bird (foot injury)

Turovitzki's injury has always blocked him to become a super superstar

Turovitzki’s injury has always blocked him to become a super superstar

Two base / guerrillate Troj-Tovitzki (leg injury)

Guerrilla Didi – Didi Gregorius (shoulder)

Three bases Miguel – Anduhar (shoulder)

Left Diwander Jan Carlo Stanton (biceps injured)

Aaron Hicks (back)

Right outside wilder Jacqui – Jacob Ellsbury (Hip injury)

First Potter Louis Sevilino (Shoulder)

Terminator Delin-Betans (shoulder)

On the book, the strength of New York Yangji Winning Camp is not inferior to the first line of the league. The ideal first-ranking players in Yangji’s opening season have been broken. In addition to Turovitzki and Bird, the other seven players contributed 22.8 victory for the team last season, and they all in the peak of career, this year’s expected performance will not have too much recession. . In addition to Stanton and Sanchez hope to return to the team at the end of April, the regression period of other five players has not been determined. Thus, the team can only pay the player support the team from a small alliance to solve the urgentity.

At the time of recovery, Betan said in an interview: “(Faced with the current situation) We can use this as an excuse, or play the game, to fight with existing people.” Bishop Brown also said: “We must overcome the current difficulties …” What is our situation now? “We must solve this problem, you can move towards the final goal.”

“The stadium is changing, we must dig the potential of the team to win as much as possible. The reason is very simple. No matter who is in the team, the strength of the lineup is reduced, as long as we go to the game, we must work together, and Emphasize that the team’s season goal has not changed. “

Red Sox Chinese and Outper's Wild Hand JBJ Small Bradley's defense is the key to red socks

Red Sox Chinese and Outper’s Wild Hand JBJ Small Bradley’s defense is the key to red socks

There is not much injury in red socks, but the team’s super tools BROCK Holt enters the injury list due to eye diseases. Wilderman Edward – Eduardo Nunez

Due to the injury of the team, Yesterday, the red stockings yesterday, Christian Vazquez was held, and Steve Pearce defeated the left. At present, the recovery of injuries and others in Nunus is not clear, and Benin Titi will be played as a designated combat in the series.

Super New Star Torez is still moving through

Super New Star Torez is still moving through

The two teams have a secret weapon

Last season Yangji and red socks were in the front two of the league, and this season started, the branch score was 4.87, and the rows of the League 16th, and the score of red socks is lower, only 4.35 partitions League 19th.

Yangji’s offensive fire has been greatly affected by injuries. The entire line is supported by only healthy Alon Judge and Gleyber Torres. However, this season’s new field of wild tools, DJ-Le Meihie, is very good, his hits and oscillators are in the forefront.

And the reddock strikes are more unexpected. The best player of last season Muku-Betts is not good, and only 0.222 / 0.324 / 0.413 around the striking three is not last year. At present, he is experiencing a low tide. In the past 25, he only played 3 safety, he was very dissatisfied with his performance this season, called “unacceptable”.

Tomorrow's game or Bronx killer bezer

Tomorrow’s game or Bronx killer bezer

However, Bates career is very good about the results of the Rawning base. He career in 36 games in Yangji Stadium, hitting the three surrounded by 0.282 / 0.357 / 0.470, perhaps he can regain the most valuable players last year in Yangji. No one believes that Bates will continue so badly, perhaps he will usher in this series.

Bates nor a helper, and the first recent team of the team’s team’s Based on Mitch Moreland has played a 4-game winning place. Perhaps the state of Moran will fall in summer, but it is still a team important firepower output point.

The strongest cow shed group in history? Yangji is still looking for a good policy

It’s hard to believe, but this is true. At present, New York Yangji’s cowshed groups are as high as 3.65, ranking 10th in the alliance; victory contribution is 0.9 wins, ranking 7 in the league. This score is still in the upstream in the alliance, but everyone is still far from the expectations of Yangji (the expectations of Yangji cows before the beginning of the season. For the team, the more deadly is that Yangji’s cowshed can’t maintain a leading advantage for the team after the game.

In 15 games this season, Yangji received 14 of them, but the final result was only 6 wins and 8 losses. Last season, Yangji only had to achieve a leading competition, and the team will win 80%.

The injury in Betan is more difficult for the team’s selection of team. Zach Britton’s performance is as good as the last season, but the wood is not covered, and it is necessary to set up a fierce bungger to stand up. For Yangji, if you want to win the victory of the game, you will decide the future direction of the team before the start of the competition.