MLB-Boston red socks were underestimated and had a history of red stockings boss anger media

Fine socks have come to an end yesterday. After the past the second war, the first battle was finally eliminated by Red Socks. Just like they last in the last season, the Yangji series 3 to 0 lead, and the reddings have been forced to the cliff, and finally the red socks have completed counterattack.

The Yangji coach Joe-Torre regretted for a while. Boston boss looked at the exterior red socks and did not bear it, and the media originated by him began to spray the media.

Qiao Torre has risked from the 2007 season. From 1996 to 2000, he once led the 4th World Competition. Now Torre is the League Chief Baseball Operation Officer. He also was named by red socks in the 2004 US Federation in 2004. In the recent interview, Torre came to the stock hose.

Joe-Torre (left) in the 2004 US Federation

Joe-Torre (left) in the 2004 US Federation

Torre’s lost

“Exhausted.” Torre destroys the socks, “That is my first adjective. I know (former red sock coach) Terry – Frankner, and we often interoperate after the end of the series, ‘喔I am very happy to end, and the middle can https://www.trikotskaufenn.comhave 6 weeks or a long interval. ‘It is exhausted. “

“Baseball is the most wonderful part of the Fat Socks, but any game between the stock hose series or two teams will be enlarged. As a coach, I have been a patient who has a patient, but often lost patience, I I am very annoying to people, they always want to find a topic because of this or that, there is something between A-ROD and Waritik, that is their statement, they think that will motivate the team I tend to think that it is enough to fight the game, but it is the source of exhaustion. I just want to work hard to focus on baseball. “

Chatting with Torre, you can’t mention the alarm final 2004, the ranking of the Historical Federation, Yangji 3 to 0 lead, was 4 to 3 to 3.

“I remember at the 4th battle, our series of 3-0 lead, we were scored 1 point at the time. I told Zimmer and my pitcher coach Stormel, ‘I need to take this game here. ‘. I believe that in the playoffs, this thing can only appear in one place (will not continue). When your momentum is still, you have to grasp. “

But Torre is still a bad enemy, he didn’t grasp. “I think, I will question my own place (I don’t really agree with this method) that is, in Killing Miller is the first player, let Mariano-Rivi I will go to the 9th game, I plan to tell him that I don’t want to be too loving. That is just a feeling when he is on the game. I then changed my idea because he lastedaled Miller in Yangji. I only used 4 to 5 balls, let him go out, so I stood aside. I really didn’t have the habit of communicating with pitcher in the game. But I think about this, I realized the Fenwei Stadium (Red Lock home Unlike Yangji Stadium. In https://www.mlbtrikot4.comthe Yangji Stadium, my freedom is slightly, because the
edge of the Fenwei Stadium is set, I want to be more careful, and that Mariano-Rivi is really want to make perfect The pitching. “Rivira finally sent Miller to the base, and created opportunities for Red Socks 9th Counter. The key performance of Red Socks is better than the key performance of Otitz, and then won 7 games and won the World Competition. It can be said that Qiao Torre has paid a heavy cost for him.

Red Socks Big Board Henry after receiving interviews

Red Socks Big Board Henry after receiving interviews

1 to 1 is interpreted as red stocking 0 ratio 2

Red Socks advanced to the United States finals, the big boss John Henry time was again seen in New York in New York. Henry was extremely dissatisfied with the media to the media, he was also the media originated, not only Nesn’s equity, but also bought the “Boston Galanters” that often reported red socks. My feeling is that when the media sees that the stock socks are packed in 1 to 1, their attitude is like we are in a 0-0.” Henry said angrily when he was underwriting the red socks, “That’s me Reading the insight, that is my feelings at the time. I think the media is negative from the first day of spring training. Even if we have won the next part of the division for two consecutive years. We only need to play more on the basis of our previous Aggression, because these guys are extremely high. They need someone to tell them ‘to get them’, they want, they will go, this year, the opponent is done throughout the year. “