Milan intends to reinforce midfielder and has locked multiple team players

The next time I arrived in the future, I have become a established call tiger airways fact. The player came to Meia to carry out the medical examination. It is reported that both parties have signed a four-year salary contract, in addition to this, the player’s broker A 3.5 million commissions will be obtained. Seeing the core players in your own team to the dead enemy, it is really uncomfortable for Am-fans and management, but because A meters can’t provide a salary that matches the Blue Black Legion, it is natural. The team has no ability to leave this player.

However, for the current A meters, their most important task is to find alternatives of midfield positions. According to the epaper indian punch news given by the media, A meters has locked more powerful players, including Ziejih, Laffini Siam and Yun Dell, J Luo, Lemar and others. Among all the intrinsic objectives, it is the highest voice of Ziejih, and the player came news 24 india live hindi to the Stamford Bridge last year, but it could not adapt to the game style here, and it is also delayed without fulfilling his ability. The current blue military management also said that as long as it can give the right price, it is still happy to send him away. However, for A meters, the difficulty of winning the player is very large, first is the issue of transfer fee, followed by 7 million salary of the player. It is reported that A meters hopes to introduce this player by renting, and the Blue Army needs to bear a salary part of the player.

At the same time, there is not much Lemar than Qi Yach. The bed unit has introduced it to the club with 72 million prices. Of course Milan is hard to win the player. After all, In terms of salary and transfer, he has no ability to get the other party.

In addition, J Luo’s possibility samachar 4 media of leaving tacles is relatively large, but his salary is still not able to bear Milan, and Shuai is currently planning to repurchase this Colombian player.