Messi is the standard! There is a French name to boast the front team friend, saying that he has reached the height of Messi!

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As we all know, Messi is the third ball, the first person to choose the best football player in the world. Messi can be so powerful, in addition to the google news app downloadtop level, there is more important reasons, which is good for him. Messi is the best football player in history. Even if Maradona, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are famous for technology, there is no way to replace Messi to achieve the first person in this area. .

Messi is therefore a standard, both in discussing historical status or technology. For example, there is a French name to boast the front team friend, saying that he has reached the height of Messi! The French starry is Six, under November 1, he recalls his own effective Marseille during the interview with the media, and praised his front team friend. Alpha.

This Alpha peak can also have three or four players in a row, so they believe that the technology is only limited to Messi. Xisi first stated that Nama Alpha contracted with Messi, not mad, but he really believed that Ben micromax toll free number Alpha’s technology was very good, even reached Messi’s height. Where is this? Sixi said that this Alpha can make some actions that have a very visual impact.

Ben Alpha does have a performance of three or four players, if it is judged in accordance with the narrow, he determines to a certain extent approaching Messi. It’s just that the state is not the best Messi. Although Real Madrid is said to Hudi, only Messi has never affordless in history. However, obviously, Messi is definitely not good, there has been a scene that has lost the ball or steals. If it is a bad, Messi, Ben Alpha, or other players, it is indeed close to Messi.

But if you want to discuss, Ben Alpha is obviously not enough to close to Messi. History can close to Messi players in history, probably only Maradona, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, they can be very close to Messi. However, in the discussion of Ben Alpha’s pre owned tata safari technology, Messi is used as a standard, which represents a consensus on the world’s football: Messi is equal to technology. Such a description is indeed dwarf Messi, because Messi is equal to football,breaking news headlines is equal to the first person in history, is equal to the strongest history, not only equal to technology. However, if discussed technology, Messi is equal to technology is no problem.

This point, in addition to Six, there is also a commentary in the near future. Liverpool’s first person Sarah is very good in Premier League, and he can be recognized as the best player in the Premier Day for two consecutive months. Sarah has a rampant manifestation in the game, so it includes the conclusion of Premier League, including Leinker: Sarah finally reached Messi’s level! This is Messi, any player wants to become the best person, first is close to Messi.