Manny last month – Machado MLB history as the highest-paid free agent with 10 years of $ 300 million of the total contract san diego padres, we all expect him to push the team to fight what heights after joining, wearing a priest Machado uniforms and did not let us wait too long, he came out homer in the first issue Padres!Machado’s first homer appear in a heavy rain flooding in Arizona spring training game because of too much rain, the game was forced to cancel after the end of the first inning, technically speaking, Machado’s home base play will not count his personal data.In the face of the Reds starting pitcher Aaron – Brooks, Machado hit out of this terrible home run in the rain, the audience stood up to applaud him.Before the end of the game, is pleased Machado told local media: “On bombers feel good, I recently have been poor home run away from it a little, hit home runs all means get back on track, now is the adjustment of status, we are from only the opening day less than three weeks time. “Machado said with a smile, he has four spring training game hit the ball to the outfield warning area.As a 26-year-old young players, Machado is not as concerned as other rookie season spring training data, this was his seventh year to participate in spring training MLB. If you count today’s data, Machado this year reached .286 career batting average.”Spring Training is to adjust the state more,” Machado said. “Home run will come, you really do not need to bother to think about the ball out of the court. Kept swinging rhythm, before the advent of the regular season to prepare as much as possible is the most important for themselves.”Machado spring training this time is different, and in the past few years. After San Diego joint training team four days before Machado flew to Arizona and convergence team from Florida, and now he has become a priest squad most popular player.So far, Machado said his state has been back on track.Machado said: “I missed a few days before training, no problem for me in my career have participated in too many new faces and new spring training team makes me feel good to me as a priest… the team was very excited about the new season. this year, we will play shocking results. “