Machine, some people deliberately keep the "Jordan Rules" dragons in the baseball.

NCAA Oregon State University Catcher Adley Russchman is likely to be selected in the championship on Tuesday morning. A few days ago, in a game of NCAA https://www.mlbtrikot4.comUS University Championships, Rujiman got special care, the other party’s defensive way is self-disabled, but for a purpose, he does not let him have any blow strikes.

In the Oregon Beaver, I was only 21 years old, I was only 21 years old, and I was also concerned about the defensive defense faced because of its defense. Even in MLB history, there is only such benefits in Berry-Bonz and Joh-Hamilton.

Ru Timan has begun to 0.419 before the start of the day, and complete 17 strokes, the second game, the opponent Cincinnati is still 3 points, but received a free line of travel from the other party. The other party’s strategy is to avoid heavy injuries to Ru Tieman eruptions with powerful firepower.

The strategy of Cincinnati works, and Ru Timan did not get a chance. However, it is worth mentioning that the Oregon has no one out of the game, and it has been hoarded on the player. As a result, the Beaver team won 4 points and the anti-ultra-beasia in the authorities.

The decision of the Cincinnati Xiongoon is a double-edged sword. If they don’t end, they will regret it for this decision. It is good to get 1 point in the 8th Bureau of Xianguo, and the game has been taken at 7-16.

Ru Tieman chased 8 more than 8 o’clock in XionBBM 8:00, but he played a high-flying ball that did not see you high. On the same day, the hit rate was a three, and the time of Rujiman’s treatment occurred from MLB’s most famous deliberate four bad guarantees. The 21st anniversary of the best in the past few days.

On May 28, 1998, the San Francisco Giant captain made, the whole base, Wang Bayrui-Bonz, got the same treatment as above, the supplier of the treatment is Time of the Arizona Snake Teachers Buck – Houvalt.

At that time, the giant team has created a full base, the tail snake leads two points, and the Huiwaite refers to the tonico pitcher Greg Olsen deliberate four or bad to send Bangs, and I will send giants 1 point.

The Huiwart strategy works, and Olson avoided Bonz and did not lose weight. But the only thing that made the fans remembered that Bonz is a dangerous person, so that the opponent is willing to send him.

After that, once the player encounters the same situation, it will be called “Bonz Treatment” by the media and fans.