Lakers fight traffic rushing 4 milestones! Zhan Huang is only 3 steals supermaroline, melon or supermile

The Lakers will conduct the same city Debi Wars on December 4th and the clove. James 8 times were negative, and it has successfully passed the Alliance Health and Safety Agreement, which can be played in this game. James will also impact 2 milestones, and the Lakers have a total of 4 milestones.

First, Zhan Huang career has already entered the 109 98 remember two-point ball. As long as the two goes can break through the 11,000 mark, it will become a six-second player in the NBA history.

Second, James has steals 2083 rankings in 2083 rankings. If this James steals 3 times, then he can surpass the horse dragon, rising to the 11th place in the NBA history steal list.

Third, Anthony has been invested in 6233 penalty, the 17th place, as long as it is re-investment 5 free throws, it will surpass Leji Miller to rise to the 16th place.

Fourth, Dean Die Jordan has grabbed the 41st place of 9998 rebounds. As long as Xiao Jordan will grab 2 rebounds, you can break through 10,000 markings of career rebounds. Little Qordan’s battle and Wogel had a dispute.

James made the Lakers ambulatively surprised, before he was exploded new crown to detect positive, and then sent back Los Angeles, and the outside world predicted that he was at least 10 days. However, James received 8 consecutive detection in Los Angeles, which is positive, and he is activated.

The hulls George will also come back in this game, and the two super small forwards are evident. George is on a war, that is, you want to be in this game and the Lakers.

James scored 30+ in three consecutive games, and the status was very good. Wei Shao and Zhao Ge also played 20+ in the near future. The Lakers will fight for victory.

The Lakers have changed in the use of the center, and the last battle of Warger and Xiaododam will reuse Howard. Warcraft gets 12 points and 13 rebounds 2 steals 2 caps. Warger is on the interview on December 3 to make a message to Havende. This is not a bad thing for the Lakers, the cooperation of Warcraft and giants https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comis better, and Xiao Jordan is not stable enough.