Kuangsong 23 sacks in seven games Cowboys cut offensive line coach

Dallas Cowboys are not so crazy as Cleveland Browns head coach and offensive coach even fried, but they also use their own way to adjust the coaching staff. Beijing on October 30, the team fired offensive line coach Paul – Alexander, assistant coach Mark – Colombo act in place of the offensive line coach position. The move is somewhat unusual for the Cowboys, just as Alexander was only hired in January, he played a total of only seven games in the team.

Cowboys current record of 3-4, still have hope for the playoffs, this week into the holiday week, the management apparently trying to take advantage of the only neutral this season to make adjustments. After Alexander played for the Cincinnati Bengals for 24 years, he was appointed to the offseason Cowboys offensive line coach, Colombo in 2016, served as assistant offensive line coach, before he had a decade of playing career, which represents the cowboy He played in six years.

This is Jason – since Garrett as Cowboys head coach, the first adjustment since 2011 coaching staff in mid-season. They also introduced former offensive line coach Hudson – Hawke as a senior assistant from 1993-2001, from 2008 to 2011, he has twice served as Cowboys offensive line coach.

. “When approaching the middle of the season, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the entire first half of the game,” Garrett said in a statement: “We believe that this adjustment will help the development of our team of Paul (Alexander pressure). as well as his deep NFL career achievements made in honor and respect such a decision is not an easy thing in the season, but we will continue to move forward with confidence, I believe Mark – Colombo and Hudson – Hawk will inject new things to our team. “

Just add a cowboy, Alexander pressure with a good reputation and reputation, and inherits three Pro Bowl players Taryn – Smith, Travis – Frederick and Zach – Martin. At the same time he also has an old seniority and right front retaining La Aier – Collins and sophomore left guard front Connor – Williams. Frederick was diagnosed before the season Guillain – Barre syndrome after being treated.

Cowboys before the season seven weeks have maintained good road offense, averaging 136.9 yards fourth in the league. However, in the protection of the quarterback, Dakota – Prescott has been captured and killed 23 times, to know that he was only a sack 32 times last year, captured and killed his rookie season only 25 times. The offensive line, the state fell significantly Smith, Collins also was blown 7 fouls, Alexander said to tactics used in pass protection and the most striking coach is different, it also allows people to doubt his method is appropriate for cowboy .

Cowboys no war this week, will regroup on Wednesday, then against the Tennessee Titans on November 5.

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