In order to enter the season, the enemy’s fans and steel people change the jersey to support the opponent

Of course, the steel people can also get the outer card without passing the Brunt, but it is worthwhile to count the last level of the pony team and the Titan team; the probability of this kind of thing is better than praying the Brown team to win the crowteam.In fact, this possibility is still not small. Although the crow has recently 6 battles 5 winning heads, the Brown team has 5 victories in the last 6 battles.In the fifth week of the confrontation, they have been sitting at the home of 12-9 Likens.Even if it is not for steel, just from these two team team history, the enemy of the team (the predecessor of the Baltimore Crow is the first generation of the Cleveland Brown team, is the crow leaving Cleveland, leading to the football of the city.The market has been a thousand feet. At present, the Brown team is new in 1995), and the Brown team will never leave the crow.