In February 2014, NBA retired star McGi revealed his intersection, and soon he realized the dream of childhood, completed a short-lived baseball career, and retired. As a NBA generation superstar, McGrady’s 16-year-old positions have long been famous, earn enough money, why do you want to start a career at the age of 34? What kind of style is Madi’s baseball?Love baseball exceeds the basketball MLB priority is higher than NBAAccording to Maddi himself, the most of his life is playing baseball, and loves this sport to exceed his Bank basketball. He said that if he gave him the opportunity, “I will definitely choose MLB, not NBA.”Delivery to he kids, he has played a hit on the basketball. But it is gratifying that basketball has his admirable Michael Jordan, he hopes to pursue Jordan’s greatness on the way of basketball. The 7th All-Star, the two scoring kings, 35 seconds 13 points, let Maddy’s career full of legendary colors. After this wonderful end, McGrady did not forget the dream of childhood, he began to seriously consider working on the work.”I do this is because of the love of the game. I have already earned enough money. At the Atlantic Alliance (he prepared to join the rod alliance) is not as salaries like a big alliance. Therefore, this is just a person trying to realize his childhood. Dream. I won’t play a trick. I have played baseball. I understand this sport. I just pursued something I always want to achieve. “McGrady said.At that time, McGrady, who is preparing to join the duty, is aware of a small challenge. “I have thought that if I can play basketball, I can do any movement. But the fact is far less.”That year, McGradi was 34 years old. For a player who wanted to engage in a duty, it was not too late. So, McGrady prepared for several months under the accompanying trainer. “I am serious about this. I have been training under the 30 degrees of the outdoor Celsius. I love baseball. I can compete for this sport.”League level

is not low, McGroid, selected all star lineup

McGrady’s efforts have been returned, he is willing to join the Atlantic Alliance’s Sugar City Mosquito Team. Sugar City is located in the southwest of Houston, Texas, USA, less than an hour, while Macad’s home is also in this city. The mosquito team published the official statement on Madi’s joining, saying that Maddy “Dreams” is engaged in baseball. “McGrady proved his strength, determination and diligent during the training camp.” In the statement, “We look forward to seeing him to make a good progress.”

The Rod Alliance of McGrady is not the MLB we are familiar with, nor is the subordinates of MLB. Its name is the Atlantic Alliance. It is an independent duty rod alliance, mainly distributed in the central part of the United States and the northeastern part, and a team is located in Texas, which is McGrace to join the sugar city mosquito team. The Alliance Office is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In terms of scale, the city where the Atlantic Alliance is located, there is no MLB team and its subordinates, and their teams are generally in the suburbs of the city or the survey of their own. Their city has a stadium that can accommodate 4,000 to 7500 seats. The Atlantic Alliance players will also sign up with the MLB team. Once sign, they often start from the 2A or 3A League of the MLB. 3A is the closest league closest to the MLB level. Therefore, the level of the Atlantic Alliance is absolutely low.

Madi’s season has also been selected for all stars, it can be said that his strength may reach 3A. Michael Jordan is a 2A team in Chicago’s white socks, which can be said that McGrady is inconsistent with Jordan’s baseball level. The age of Jordan is 30 years old, while McGrady has reached 34 years old, still maintaining the level of 2A to 3A is quite difficult.

From score-defamation transition pitcher

McGrady’s position on the baseball field is a pitcher, the team’s defensive core. As for the style, “My pitcher coach told me that there are some of Bob – Gibson’s traits in my body.” McGrady said. Bob – Gibson? He is a MLB, which is played, and the Saint Louis Pull, the Great League 17. As a pitcher, his career completed 251 wins, 3117 three-vibration, and the self-sharing rate is 2.91. As the 9th All-Star and the Two World Competition, Gibson has also won the two Sai Yang Awards and the 1968 National Federation MVP. In 1981, he was successfully selected when he was eligible to select a famous Hall in the first year. The Hashque team retired in 1975.

Famous Hall Pitcher Gibson Pocket Gesture God Like Maddy

Famous Hall Pitcher Gibson Pocket Gesture God Like Maddy

On the style of style, Gibson can be described as a fierce fighter. He is not a laugh, and it is very easy to think about the ball. This is quite similar to his celebrities in the same time, but Gibson’s control is better. He only hits 102 players, and Dresnd Dell’s data is up to 154. . Gibson’s temper is nor good to his teammates. It is straight, once, his catcher partner Tim-McCavor arrived in the splendor, and he said that he is not polite: “You think that it is difficult to shoot it. “Gibson did not agree with the reputation of himself with the ball, the opponent’s play, said that it is not intentional.

However, Gibson also did not have a humorous side. In an interview, he said that he played a name in this position, because he needs to make money to buy a counters, because he often can’t see the hand gesture.

McGrady may have a similar style with Gibson, and he remembers the nickname of “Large Hunting Bullets, Buckshot) when you play baseball. It seems that huge feelings, huge bullets are also another feeling of nearby.

Spherical speed MLB pitcher averages, but in order to play technology flow

It is said that McGrady’s pitching speed can reach 91 mph, and this ball speed has reached the average of the speed of the big league speaker in recent years, which can be used as a fastball in the Atlantic Alliance in his effective. Although there is excellent ball speed, McGrady means that they are not fastball pitcher. He is spending a propeller. Slocking the neckfinder in the grip of the ball, in the outer suture of the ball, when the finger is branched by the finger, so that the ball causes rotation, and then generates the force in the horizontal direction, plus gravity, and the ball. Picture of a arc from falling to the outside of the player. Compared with the curball, this arc is sharp and fast. The first half of the trajectory is the same as the straight ball, and the outer angle of the bearer will fall in front of the home base. It is also known as the “changing the ball’s king” is also one of the spheres necessary for modern pitcher.

“My scorpion is not bad. I learned in 10 minutes.” McGi said, “My fork refers to the ball is also good, and I am very good at the command skills.” McGrady said the fork fingerball, is The index finger and the middle finger are opened, using the motion of the fast ball and the power of the two fingers, the ball is done, the ball will sink before the homerboard, affect the hit of the player.

It has a good ball to play technology, indicating that McGrady has a higher pursuit in the throttle.

Realize the dream a season of foot, McGrady followed Jordan foot

During the regular season, McGrady was played for the mosquito team, and the total lost 5 points, and was knocked 4, and he did not complete the three oscillation. He sent 10 people to go, so the self-blade score is not good, it is 6.75, each game is 2.10.

McGrady’s final game in Atlantic League was the alliance’s all-star game, he cast another 1/3. The three vibrates the last player in the face, and it is also the first three vibration of his baseball career.

“That is definitely the biggest reward for me.” McGrady after the end said this, “I have said to my teammates, I will complete a three vibration before retiring. And I am in the second game. Thank you, Jesus Christ.”

McGrady chose retired, just a short season, just like he arrived in China CBA League. That time, he was to thank Chinese fans, this time he is to achieve childhood dreams.

At the beginning of this century, several basketball youths called Jordan heirs are old, and there is still no one can reach Jordan’s achievements, but McGrady is the only man who works hard in basketball and baseball.