If the finals of the finals are on the Warriors, who can’t afford to lose between Durant and Cook?

13 years, the finals are now only eight years, as long as the fans of age, they should have seen the live broadcast at the time. At that time, the top five Spurs 3: 2 leading the privilege, although it looked https://www.nbatrikots4.com very co-burning, but actually hot fire The two balls have won very difficult, and the spurs even sagged 36 more than 36 in the third game, so the sixth game was also true that many people had a wrist!

The Spurs 80:70 leads 10 points to enter the fourth quarter, then the four reasons make the sprint!

Although this game is in the end, James is not overlooked in the prenatal pavilion, James has only 32 points in the whole game, and the result is only 16 points in the fourth James, but Heat The rest only 14 points! At that time, Lennad was protected by James, Duncan in the inside line, and James is still in the 11th to enter the unmanned environment. If there is no James pre-paving, the heat is definitely difficult to persist in the end!

James’s last day bite is not a lot of effort!

Second, the last moment, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Hu Warenard throws a deadly free punishment. The last 19 seconds of the competition first two points, and Lunnad also held two free throws, it can be said that the situation is good, and the result is partial in Nadord. Give a chance to reverse the heat!

Then, the main coach Bobovi fell, the last moment Bobovic will change Deng Kan, let the only 2 meters 03 Dior entered the inside line to compete for rebound, the result is precisely this arrangement, let the spurs throw this key. Fieldboard! There is no problem in Bobovi, Duncan has already played 40 minutes, physical strength, replacing Dior is easier to keep up with the opponent’s footsteps,But Duncan’s rebound is extremely keen. The game Duncan grabbed 17 rebounds, and Dior only 4, in height and experience, Di Dao is not as good as DuncanSo this arrangement is https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
indeed awkward!

Finally, the critical three-pointers of Ray Allen. The Ray Allen only cast this three-pointer. This game is hot, and the True Allen has the lowest shot and the result is biased. In the most critical moments, Ray Allen found back the hand in your life!

Ray Allen’s key three points!

The first saving opportunity of the Spurs, how does the overtime spurs lose?

Although the Thunder’s three points is one of them, the spurs still have the opportunity to end the heat fire in the overtime game. After entering the time, the horse’s whispere is a thousand feet. They actually fell into a single play, especially Ginby. The two unnecessary mistakes are more adding the horse thorn!

And hot fire, cherish the opportunity to come.The entire overtime feather did not shoot three-pointer, and they almost https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
all attacked.
The final overtime end, the heat of success is a victory of the game!

Time-winning Ninobili key mistakes!

The second saving opportunity of the Spurs, how did they lose in the seventh game?

Grab the seven wars, the spurs, the spurs, the gods have been adjusted, and there will be a chance to pull the score in the competition, but every moment, Shawn Battier can invest three points to pull back to the game. Start with the same run!

The last Battier became a war!

The whole game spurs heavy soldiers defending the headband Ri Alan, with the result of Battil, three points, 8 shots, so that the Spurs did not work, and when the competition was dragged to the fourth quarter, the aged spurs gradually incomprehensively became a young heat. , Especially for the last two minutes, the Spurs shot https://www.maillotbasket6.com all the biased, and the hot fire this side of Wade and James have built a foul into the basket, and finally the referee whistle, the spurs almost hit the hand The championship trophy is like this to make people!

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