Helicopter hover + low hard 巴巴! Virgo’s body talent is too envious

The sisters of the Jieni NBA are also a few years, and all kinds of “kilometers” players have seen it. The enchanting is not a demon knife, intensive Nash, and the stream is alone, but the power is not O’Neill! https://www.nbatrikots4.com What kind of players are varied, I have seen it. You said that there are also many people who fly in half-air, what Kenji Martin, Griffin, Carter, Rose, Richardson, Weber, etc. have been seen. You said that the pure body talent, the same more people, the most intuitive is James, letters, O’Neill. Well, I don’t look at the talent, and the talents in the library are also one. So the thousands of strange players see more, rarely have a sense of doubt.

In the past few years, I would like to be confused, after all, NBA didn’t play this. After all, I started to throw three points, and the Curry is indeed a single copy, but I have been used to https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the library. Play. Coupled with Lillad, Tre Yang, George also learned to invest, the super three points are more obvious, nothing more exaggerated. But until you look at Viets’ ball, the sister of the pomeway is confused. He is not a “spring” grew up. Sister, Sister, I have been able to jump, but I have never seen your mouth so you can jump.

After playing the fast boat, many fans are asking the sister, the mouth of the mouth is not a picture of deliberate P, which is too exaggerated, it looks like a game. The teak sister is really telling you that this is the height of the mouth when the mouth is robbed. It is a flat frame to rebound, and it is also an air hover. At the same time, this is still a moment, more, say one, no mouth, no mouth, no one Bend. This is a very outline, it is so high, it is so untrue, it is not true, but https://www.maillotbasket6.com the mouth gives people still have no effort, just then, I accidentally hover, this bomb jump attribute, library I really will really tears.

If you say that the mouth is just a high jump, it is enough. The second quarter is a single anti-ance of ancestralz, Zumbatz looks at the low position is misplaced, and immediately wants to eat. What is the result of the result? Zumbatz sat three times in the low position, actually did not open the mouth, and the students were blocked by the mouth of the banned area, and they did not pass the ball. The sister also checked the weight and height of Chazu Batz, 120 kg, while height was between 213 cm-215cm. This is really leaving the big spectrum, the mouth is actually outside the Zu Bazz top in the penalty area, which is really the core power.

Of course, if it is just these, what https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com is the most critical? It is the stickless ability of the mouth, the reason is really good. It is not that the mouth of the mouth is so good, and the gap between the peak card is still very big, but the talent of the mouth is excellent. The height arm is long, which is really an absolute talent advantage. When the defensive opposite, the arms were opened, and the shooting line interfered directly, and then it was competing ability, and who could go back. When you look at the mouth breakthrough, a small action of a shoulder can directly hit Ibaka. This body talent is really a long time, this exercise ability is also a single!