Hair private bonus, attacked the police NFL, Beckham received the anti-arrest warranty

The New Orleans Police issued an arrest warrant in Cleveland Bakeham (Odell Beckham Jr.) on January 16, on the local time. The reason is behind the police.

There is a video show that while Monday in the New Orleans Super Dome Stadium, Louisiana State University (hereinafter referred to as LSU) After defeating the Clemsen University, Xiahe took a security ass in the LSU’s dressing room …. ..

The New Orleans Police Department public affairs office confirmed that after the video flows, the security guard puts forward a lawsuit. According to the law of Louisiana, Brown’s behavior belongs to hitting sensitive parts without others, and is also a kind of beating. Louisiana may be a fine of 1,000 US dollars below $ 1,000 and a punishment of six months or less.

“We know this, and we have come into contact with Odel and learn more.” Brown issued a statement on Thursday: “We are working with relevant authorities to properly handle this.” Small Beckham is indeed exciting after seeing the alma mater to win, in addition to this, he was also photographed when LSU 52-25 defeated Clemsen, giving a few LSU players.

Thus, the LSU Sports Department issued a statement on Wednesday that they have noticed that there is a video capture of the player with “clear cash” behavior, and contact NCAA. “We noticed that Beckham gave the LSU players after the championship in Monday,” LSU’s statement also said: “Initially we think that it is not real money, but commemorative coins. But recent information and videos Show, it is obvious that it is a true banknote, and it has been sent to the LSU’s student. “

“We are in learning that some student players may contact NCAA and the SEC alliance after the event as the passive situation. We are working with the players, NCAA and SEC, thus correcting this situation in time.”

On Tuesday morning, a spokesperson of LSU initially told reporters that the money sent by LSU stars in the court is not real money. But the LSU quadruposed Joe Burrow said in the blog, said that it is real money. “I am now not a college player, so I can tell the truth, that is really money.” Baro said.

If Beibei gives money true, it violates NCAA regulations. After the game, LSU coach Aid Oreon (Ed Orgeron said that he didn’t know this. “I really heard this, but I just heard that.” Ogron said.

From 2011 to 2013, Beckham’s college career spent LSU, as a LSU taken, Xiahe University career completed a total of 143 battles, advance 2340 yards and 12 times.