Giants General Manager’s statement: "Learning packaging workers cultivate Rogers model to treat new show"

Just passed the NFL first round, the general manager of the Giant, Dave Gettleman, made the giant fans always remember himself: Sign 6, Sikdu 4-point Swaniel Jones (Daniel) Jones’.

Of course, ridicule is immediately flocked.

The giant of “Win in the Today” has selected a player who won’t be played by 6, and signed a “see the situation decision” with the 17th. What kind of garbage are you giving everyone?

Giant fans when signing publication

Missed Sam Darnold, just selected Daniel Jones waiting for a year.

Before the draft, Gatman once said that the Chief of Patrick Mahomes took one-year bench and learned the mode of the old Alex Smith. Maybe he really wants to work hard in this way.

Destishment of Eli Manning also has received attention. When the reporter asked Gateman, select the 6th sign to select Ness to give Eli, the general manager replied:

“Of course not, of course, not. We may learn the mode of Green Bay. Rogers are sitting three-year bench. Who knows? There may be many good players in the team, this is not much.”

Another reporter is not satisfied with this answer. He will force Gatman, will not really let Jones take the three-year bench.

“Who know?” Gatman answered, “I may be hit when I drive. No one knows these things. We just have chosen a stone quarter-free, which is like this.”