For the signature, it is imitation of Bell to play the sea eagle to defend the draft.

A phenomenon of heat is highly likely to bring many imitors. One of the phenomena of the opposite is a large extent, derived from the imitation of the imitator. The Seattle Hawie’s rushing hand Frank Clark may belong to the latter, this defense will refuse sign after the Haiying team will refuse sign after the privilege label, and said that unless the team is signed, otherwise no longer Do you have a lecture; Journey to the Steel Mans and Runwen Bell, who had a boiling, and he also got a big contract for the jet this year. Obviously Clark wants to make such a method, but it seems that his wishful abacus may be empty.

This week, NFL network well-known reporter Ian Latport said “Frank Clark is likely to be traded in the next few days.” Although Latport said, some teams still have a consistency of the Haiying team and Clark will agree on the signing of the privileged label; but at the same time, the Pott is also said, and “several” team signed Clark very Interested, and implies this situation “will definitely be solved when you draft.”

A stone aroused a thousand waves, very fast, NFL TV network reporter Mike Galafro report that the Haiying team is likely to listen to other teams for Clark quotes; and ESPN reporter Adam-Sheff specially added, currently The condition of the Haiying team is that there is at least one first round of draft. Quite interesting, according to the “Seattle Times” report, Haiying team general manager John Snell said on Wednesday that Clark will continue to stay in the team in 2019, and say “We are obviously Ai Frank”. But when asked if the Clark will really leave, the general manager did not show firm. “I don’t think he will not leave, in fact, I don’t know why he will choose … But we have tried to understand the dynamics of the entire league, this is our job, we must do this, we can never escape reality “

Now, Clark is afraid that the big contract with yourself is getting farther away. Although this rushing hand played the best season in the 2018 season, I contributed 13 to kill; but at least the current Haiying team did not have more operating space to provide this defensive, especially in them. After renewing the four-point guards – Wilson after the high price contract. Nowadays, the initiative of this negotiation is no longer a Clark, unless he is signed on a privileged label; The defense of the big opening will be sent away. Look at Di-Ford how? Is the privileged label not being traded from the team?

However, if Clarke left the Haiying team, he will help him get a big contract. At present, it is very close to the Haiying Team. The salary space of the pony is the highest in the current alliance. They have enough space to eat into the Clark contract. Of course, maybe a first-round price is too expensive for them. If you want to have a bargain with Haiying team; Third. However, if the Clark’s transaction can eventually be molded, there is no doubt that will add a gift to the draft selection conference that is suspense.