Fill the data bar, net winning 21 points in the library 21 in 4! The number one hell Brichz reveals the teeth

I hope, I hope, the first two teams expected finally ushered in the first time of the season: the first warrior and the 16-winning sun team. One is a dynasty team representing the ball, one is a final team that biases traditional basketball. This contest is also the competition in the traditional control guard and the new era, so it has become the focus of many fans. As a team of the first-party defensive efficiency, the Warriors naturally had enough confidence and the air to end the sun’s 16 consecutive victories, this is the default expectance of the fans. The Sun Team goals points to the championship, and there is also a responsible area to defeat the league.

From the technical characteristics of the two teams, we also know that once the Warriors played the offensive of the water, the three-pointers and fast attacks bring the average score of the tide will be in a moment, so the Sun team must not Will get too much easier opportunity to get too loosely, will be arranged to defend. The Sun team played more robust tradition. Once the two teams have fallen into the last moment, Paul and Book will make their winning greater than the Warriors. Therefore, the Warriors want to win, you must play your own rhythm. The Sun Team wants to take away the game to let the other’s rhythm slow down and drag the knot, and lose the results.

Throughout the game, the Warriors pulls the heads in the first quarter, and Pur is maintained at the attack, which makes the Warriors temporarily leads at 35-31. The solar team still ends half a game with 56-54. In the third quarter, the solar team bloom inside and outside, the Warriors rely on Weikins and Pur’s strong offensive points, and after the end of the three sections, the sun is 2 points in the 78-80.

At the end of the battle, the Warriors are constantly scored by the role players. Can Paul and Entatics make the team always lead; the last Warriors have frequent mistakes, the Sun Team relies on Shame and the left side 45 degrees. The suspense of the competition is completely killed, and the Sun team ushered in 17 consecutive victories at 104-96, and the Warriors became the team’s team.

Although Green, before the game, the Sun team defeated 16 consecutive victories was full of attractive, he also acting in the game. Can the team still can not be able to play a strong offensive score, but there have been 22 mistakes, so that the Suns have got a lot of counterattacks. The rebound buddy of the Warriors has a big lead in 51-35, and a lot of mistakes make the two teams in the same running line, and weaken the advantages of rebound.

Considering that the Warriors’ small Front Friegodala is not able to play, his single-defense ability and the ball string can help the team play better performance, and the solar team also
breaks the core of Bark, so The two teams have not much imbalance. The solar team really is arranged to defend the best outside, Bridges, Bridges, followed by the library, so the library is very unhappy in this game, it is difficult to get more comfortable shooting opportunities. Even if he and Green have a poor tactics of the former “Wei Zhen Fourth”, the solar team is very flexible mobile capabilities to keep up with the ball, let this tactics lose power.

Bridges as the head of the team to win the number of people, and his defense against Curry is just right, let the library have a worst score performance in the new season, and 21st in the audience only 4 records. And he himself is an incarnation “Data Bar”: His battle 41 minutes is the highest team, 4 shots 1, 2 rebounds, 3 assists 4 steals 1 cap, although not very bright, but Or the lack of arrival, the team’s net winning warrior is 21 points, and such a game is influenced by Paul.

At this point, Bridges used their super-adhesive defensive defensive great limitations, and he also revealed the won the crown, helping the team to play the longest winning victory in the 17-game winner, and boarded The throne of the League record is the first.