Eskoba 7 points to strike a total of 18-7 victory of the national

On August 4th, Beijing time, the US duty wand big league Washington, the National Arizona Rattleson. The tail snake line showed excellent performance, and took 9 points from Strasberg, and eventually defeated the nationals at 18-7.

Data highlight

The National Team first sent a pitcher Stephen-Strasberg’s appearance 4.2 Location of the 9th game to send 7 three-vital swallow. Anthony – Lunden 2 security 1 time pay 4 points.

The snake first sent a pitcher Robbie-Thunder 5 game, lost 4 points to send 5 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. All of the thread is in addition to the pitcher, Edward – Eska single field, 3 security, 7 points.

Game process

In the first half, Tre Trener played a housing, Adam-Eaton’s three bases sent him back home base, Anthony-Lennden’s high-flying sacrifice, I sent Eaton back home, national Get 2-0 leaders. In the second half of the first game, Edward – Escoba’s two-point gun, a rod, the score, 2-2. The second half, Nick Amad hosted the Yangchun cannon, the snake 3-2 anti-ratios.

In the third bureau, Robbie-thundered three strokes. In the third bureau, Kitte Malt played an actions, David-Peralta and Christian-Walker’s continuous security, 5-2.

The fourth game, Suzuki Qing and Brian-Dozale were played in an actions, and the three teams of Helardo-Pala were sent back to the two teammates, https://www.mlbtrikot4.comand the score chased 5-4. In the second half of the fourth place and the first half of the fifth bureau, the two sides sent two three vibrations and was hit.

In the second half of the fifth bureau, Malt played the three bases, and the first base of Escoba sent him back, 6-4. Jack-Lam bombarded two points, 8-4. Amid was not dead because of Strasberg’s population. Matt Grees replaced the first firman Strasberg, Alex-Avila bounced out of the homer, 10-4.

In the middle of the sixth game, Pingye Jiashou replaced first pitcher Robie-thunder. In the second half of the sixth bureau, the snake team formed a full base, but did not follow. The second half of the seventh place. The snake was formed by three guarantees in both outspace. Eskoba is again selected to keep back and squeezes, 11-4.

In the middle of the eighth
game, the snake used a double kill to complete the alternative three on three. The second half of the eighth game, the wild handkerchief appeared. 5 consecutive people are going back to two points, 13-4. Dozale succeeds. Dai Sen played the second base to send back two points, 15-4. Espoba stabbed three-unit gun, 18-4. In the second half of the ninth bureau, Lunnedon slammed the three-unit gun, 18-7. In the end, the snake 18-7 defeated the nationals.

Both sides

Washington National:

First stick: guerrilla Tre-Turner

The second stick: Right outside wilder Adam – Eaton

Third Bottom: Three Square Anthony – Lunden

Fourth good: left outer wilder Han-Sodo

Fifth good: Catcher Suzukiqing

Sixth: Two bases Brane

Seventh stick: a barrier Herrardo – Pala

Eighth rod: Chinese and foreign wilder Victor – Robrez

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Stephen – Strasberg

First stick: right wilder, Gold, Dai Sen

The second stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Kittel Mart

Third Bottom: Two bases Edward – Eshkiba

Fourth Nice: Left Outer Wilder David – Peralta

Fifth good: a barrier Christian – Walker

Sixth stick: three bases Jack-Lam

Seventh: Guerrilla Nick Amad

Eighth rod: Catcher Alex – Avila

Ninth, Pitcher Robie – Thunder

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will carry out the last series of series, by Patrick Colbin (9 wins and 5 losses, 3.23, 159 vibration rates) against Taylor Clark (4 wins and 3 losses, self-sharing 5.53 45 three vibrations).

Koritor has taken the first six seasons after the head of the large parcel in 2012, and 56 wins and 54 losses. In the past, the snake was signed with the national contract for 6 years, which will be his first time.

Clark has won the victory in the past two times, and the last time I first face the Yangji. 5.1 The game was only played 3 security and throwing 1 point. Then I first sent it, he lost 2 points in the 6th game of Jinyu.