East Super League will be launched in 2022 pan-regional top-level home and away matches in the first season

December 1, 2021, the East Asian Super League (EASL, referred to as “super-East”) announced in Hong Kong, China, will usher in the opening game of the new pan-regional competitions home and away game system in October 2022, 8 teams from Japan basketball Association (B league), South Korea men’s basketball League (KBL), the Philippine basketball Association (PBA), Chinese Taipei basketball Association (P. LEAGUE +) and China’s Hong Kong SAR top clubs. The Hong Kong SAR China Club players will come from Mainland China (mainland), Chinese Hong Kong, Chinese Macao SAR and Chinese Taipei.

East Super World Basketball regulatory agencies, the International https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Basketball Federation (FIBA, referred to as “FIBA”) and the Asian Basketball Federation (FIBA Asia, referred to as “Asian basket together”) signed a cooperation agreement for a period of 10 years, will establish the first a covering East Asia basketball League club to compete for the super League East title, and up to $ 1 million first prize.

In this regard, Tung Chiu CEO Matt (Matt Beyer), said: “With the support of long-term contracts with FIBA ??and Asia’s top league, Tung Chiu is proud to be the hub of East Asian basketball in the future, the best this region professional basketball club together, and bring you the top of the game. Dongchao’s mission is to become East Asia’s premier basketball league, our goal is to become the highest in the world in 2025 in terms of fan base and business income the first three basketball https://www.maillotbasket6.com league. “

There are over East’s first home and away season eight clubs participate, each team a total of 12 people participating, may include two foreign aid and an Asian foreign aid. B League Japan, South Korea and the Philippines PBA KBL previous quarter finals will directly qualify for the East over the game, and the formation of the new Hong Kong Bay Area Jin Yufeng Huang from Chinese Taipei and P. LEAGUE + championship team, will join Congress China region played.

Involved in this event will be divided into two teams 8 groups of 4 teams, be in the form of round-robin group stage. Between October 2022 to February 2023, and the remaining three teams and each team will be the same group of home and away games, a total of six teams each, a total of 24 matches in the group matches. Every Wednesday evening will be two games. The top https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com two in each group will advance to the Top 4 teams, qualify for the final 4 finals and championship held in March 2023.

4 finals matchup will be arranged on weekends, with music festivals held there as well as a variety of interactive fan activities. Place 4 run game finals of the change will be a year of choice for East Asia’s premier metropolis. In addition, the East over the first three seasons, will increase to 16 participating teams, the future may also be extended to more areas and other professional basketball leagues.

With the support of the Hong Kong Basketball Association, the newly formed club will represent the Bay Area Jin Yufeng Huang played in Greater China over East, and East Asia and the world and will be the team’s top networking opportunities. To become Greater China’s top professional basketball team, the team will bring together top players from Mainland China (mainland), Chinese Hong Kong, Chinese Macao SAR and Chinese Taipei, and the other, and the introduction of two foreign aid and 1 name of foreign aid in Asia, one of the most competitive team in Greater China. Bay Area Jin Yufeng Huang by renowned veteran basketball coach, star coach at the helm by the CBA famous professional managers, Mr. Liu Quansheng management, he is not only a great manager, also grew up in the top league player, coach, two More than ten years in the industry to take root, has a very rich experience.

Before entering the home and away game system of the first season, the East has over 2017 to 2019 in China and Macao Special Administrative Region successfully held the 4th week-long tournament and has been a huge development. September 2019, Tung Chiu organized a week-long “extraordinary 12” won the ratings race 117 million and full performance sold out.

At the same time, the East has been invested over many international celebrities and well-known investors, including basketball brand ambassadors and strategic consulting level. Stakeholders and institutions including the former NBA star Baron – Davis, Metta World Peace, Sean – Shane Battier and well-known agent, Bill – Duffy and many other top sports industry insiders, as well as Rennes Group (Raine Group ) and other blue-chip institutional investment business focused on sports, as well as Asia’s top family businesses and individuals.

It should be noted that the epidemic in East Asia has not ended, but the firm support of FIBA, FIBA ??Asia as well as other cooperative League East over the first season even in the face of potential delays possibility as well as many powerful strength Investors https://www.nbatrikots4.com full support. For the first open competition system of home and away in October 2022 seasons, Tung Chiu’s management has maintained an optimistic attitude.