Durant is too tired! The home of the Net rang to Harden! After Nashi, I pointed out the cause of loss.

NBA Focus Wars, the first basket of Eastern China to the second sun in the western part. In this business, both sides are old acquaintances, Nash is in the sun, Harden is in Paul, Shamet is in the basket network, so the two sides of this game do not want to lose.

The sun that has been 15 consecutive wins is full from the beginning, and the Bak is cut 12 https://www.maillotbasket6.com points in Bak, and the team will take a wave of 21-8, and the leading advantage is determined early.

The Nets have been in the backward until Durant is in the end of the second end, and the basket network will shrink into a bit number, but the third section, the Nets are still very messy, Bark, Paul, Bridge Three people shocked, and the Nets have more than 20 points.

In the last section, the Nets played a quick conversion, narrowing the difference, but Marsh’s 2 points, let the Net lost the hope of turning over the past, eventually, 107-113, the sun fight back, Hao Take 16 consecutive victories, the best 17 games from the team are only one, the next game, they will have to be a warrior!

Although the last difference is small, but from the situation in the competition, the sun is almost crushing the basket. https://www.maillotbasket6.com If it is Durant, the Nets may collapse in the second quarter.

After the game, the Basketball Coach Nas talked about this game in the interview, and he pointed out the main reason for the failure of the team:

“We are still a forming team, we have no hunger as opponents, we can see what you need to pay with the highest level, this is great. We have a lot of mistakes, and the face is You can’t be so hired for the team like the sun. “

This game, Harden was 40 minutes, 15 shots 4, three points and 6 casts 0, get 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists 1 steals 2 caps plus 7 mistakes.

When it was the loss of this field, Harden said: “We started well, we are all chasing. All are the details, this is not good, we are not like this in the past few weeks. His full of my Defense is done very well. “

In https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com addition, according to the latest report of the Net Network, the number of Kristian Winfield, the competition is 9 minutes left, Harden driver is out of the interference, and the number of personal mistakes have been arrived 7 times, and the home of the basket network sounded. !

Hey, the play is really not very good tonight, the first three festivals seem to have only 4 points or 6 points, although Durant is very good, give him no problem, but the data is still not very good ~

The contrast with the plane is Kevin Durant, KD is 45 minutes, 28 shots 13, three-pool 7 in 4, free throws 11 9, cut down 39 points 9 rebound 7 assists 4 steals 1 cap. Harden is a snoring, and Adu sounded on the scene when he was free. The voice of MVP!

Just as I said earlier, if it is not an Du, the basket is early to collapse. At the end https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
of the offensive, the defensive end must focus on Bark.

It is worth mentioning: this game, Durant’s first festival is full of 12 minutes, and the first section of the second section took a break 3 minutes and 10 seconds, and then hit the end of the game ~

Audu is a little bit of the tonight, and you can use Durant every night, then he is a hidden danger!

Look at the defeat of the basket network, a little bit of a little, a little team can’t win, from the current state, the Net network wants to fight for a little suspended.

Dear, how do you see?

Thank you for reading, I wish you a bright eye ~