Dolphins gives up multiple teams or intentional deals due to salary space

A defensive end Robert-Quinn’s time that Miami dolphins may eventually be short.

NFL official website reporter Ian Lapport reported on Thursday, saying that he knows that dolphins has been discussed with potential. Quin was added to the Dolphin from the Los Angeles Ran in March last year.

Quinin, who was 29 years old in May, was first shot in all 16 games last season, and a total of 38 hugs were 6.5 times. He will reach 11.8 million US dollars this year, which may be too high for dolphins.

“At present, if they can’t trade him, then the new coach will decide to give up him,” Libotport said.

If the dolphins and new coach Brian Florez decided to cut off the prince, he may not be unemployed for too long. Today, all teams are looking for the ability to impact opponents and have proven their own players. Quinin should be very popular.

Quiin is still less than 30 years old, and he has achieved 69 kills in the past 8 years. This is a favorable factor for him.