Dejia – La Wanmei opened the second day Muller exclusive 4 goalkel 5-2 Berlin jointly continued to lead

At 21:30 on October 30, Beijing time, the 10th round of the 2021-2022 Saidi Adequately welcomed a focus war, from Bayern Munich to the away challenge Berlin. In the first half, Lai Wan uses a penalty and free kick plume, Sahenes and enters a tax, Jie Bellman pulls back a city; the second half competition, Caman re-enters a ball, Lelsen Return, but Muller went to expand the leading advantage. In the end, Muller three biography exclaimed 4 goals, Bayern defeated Berlin in the passenger Park, and continued to lead in the standings.

In the 14th minute of the competition, Sahed was built in the penalty area, playing in the hands of Berlin United defensive players, the main referee decisively sentenced the ball.

La Wan took a penalty, he scamned the door will be a helpless, helping the team quickly got a lead, Bayern 1-0 Berlin.

In the 23rd minute of the competition, Berlin jointly federally, and sent a good free kick to the top of the arc of Bayern. Three people in Bayern have played a difficult eye. Muller’s main penalty will stop the ball. Lai Wan’s situation vigorously and use the positioning ball to complete the second degree of Meikai, and help Bayern 2-0 lead Berlin joint.

In the 31st minute of the competition, Bayern played a quick counterattack, but the small angle of Surnes was smashed on the side of the net, missed a good opportunity; only ajj newspaper 2 minutes, Saunnean once again “Happy”, La Wan sent a subtle collection, The single-knife chance is obtained in Sa, but his push is again thrown by the other door, miss the opportunity to score.

In the 34th minute of the competition, Kumans quickly pressed back in the back. Muller changed the direction of the ball before the penalty area, and the Saunnean did not guard against the Sudan, and he easily took the empty door, Bayern 3-0 Leading Berlin United.

At the end of the first half, Berlin jointly pulled back a city, in the 42nd minute, the original photo is sent to the precision, and the Belman is built in the penalty area to pull back a city, Bayern 3-1 Berlin joint.

In the 44th minute of the competition, Baker received a straightforward attack, but was blown out first, the goal was invalid. At the end of the first google news tamil half, Bayern 3-1 leads the opponent.

The second half is prone to fight again, the goals of the two sides are still going on, the 60th minute of the game, Camoman picks up the pass of Muller on the right side of the penalty area, all the way to the unmanned, facing the opponent’s defensive player The block is directly burst into the upper corner of the ball, and Bayern 4-1 Berlin is united.

Berlin is united to make adjustments, the 64th minute of the game, Berlin joint counterattack, Bayern, air defense, Berrence Sidewalk, Berlin, ambush, ambush in the restricted area, eventually taken by Lollson , Bayern 4-2 Berlin.

Although 2 goals lead, and Bayern’s offense continued, Yu Pamano took the ball and pulled the ball, put the spheres on the left side of the penalty area, the latter woven the defenders, and easily took the news headlines this week remote angle. Enter a ball, 5-2 lead Berlin.

In the end, with the three-pass shot of Muller and Lai Wan’s plum, Bayern 5-2 Grand Sheng Berlin.