Dalian Football Mars, Shi Chen, Chen Yongyuan: During the golden dollar football, a chairman can be the Chairman of the Football Association.

The Chinese Football Association has officially announced that the Chinese team can’t do it in the home of the homeland, and can only go to the home of UAE. This means that the national football team will follow two games in Oman and Australia. Will no home BUFF, go to the Caiya kick game, and a little fierce.

In fact, whether it is playing at home or in Wesia, the status and strength https www indiatoday in aajtak livetv of the Chinese team is basically necessary to say goodbye to Qatar in advance. For this issue of the 12th, the Chinese Football Association sacrifice the Super League, the national football closure training, the league is directly Stopping, now there is no market battle, which means that the original plan will continue to be released later.

For the World Cup, for your own political achievements, the high-rise of the Football Association is a seedlings to help, the reality is very cruel, 4 rounds of 12 rounds 3 points, completely can’t take it, the promotion World Cup is hoped to be zero. The national team has not been good, the league environment is also very bad, most of the teams have a salary, there are some unfounded, Chinese football is a fluff.

Yesterday, famous screenwriter, hardcore Chinese fans, once to “watch the meteor peter england complaint number shower together”, “Iron Tooth Bronze Teeth”, wrote the script, Wang Hailin, who came to the script, talked about the upcoming national football team. He said that the four games in front will get 3 points. The transcripts of the national football make people feel unsatisfactory. “The Chairman of the Football Association should be get ?? ?? ?? ?? out of class, the basic judgment is not, don’t do it.”

Wang Hailin’s comment has been supported by professional football. Dalian football is called Zhu Yuanbao forwarded the content of Wang Hailin, and the professionalism of Chen Yingyuan: “Relying on Jinyuan football to win a chairman of the Football Association! Take a look at the forty line When the turn circle danced, it’s really a chairman’s performance! ”

The famous playspan to Dalian football, express the question of Chen Yunyuan, can be seen from this point, the Chinese Football Association’s high-level high-level pressure, in fact, Chen Yueyuan has become the Chairman of the Football Association, his various policies seem good However, it does not meet the current development of Chinese football, such as neutral names, directly destroying the club development roots, no aaj ki new news advertising effects, who will play?

In addition, the use of the originator is also controversial. Chen Yenyuan clearly said that the national team’s number of people have restrictions. In the event of a naturalized player, it is opposed to no blood, and the focus is to have bloody foreign players. The arrangement, also let Li Tie are difficult to start in the use of the players, in short, China’s football is now in a human disaster!
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