Crow lock Mei Lianjiakai Snow Tibet Jackson Griffin Third Welcome First

December 24th (Wen / ESPN Jamison Hensley Compilation / Love) After a smooth, Baltimore, the Baltimore Crow has also successfully locked the United States.

Even if the last round of their losses and patriot will win, they will also force the patriot that the patriotic relationship will be used in interaction. The team star 4 points Wei Mal-Jackson (Lamar Jackson) has become focus on the 17th week.

Fortunately, John Harbaugh, Hubble (John Harbaugh) did not let all the fans, etc., Monday he directly claims that the crow will be in the last round of the La Mal – Jackson.

In addition to Jackson will not appear in the last round, there is a team mainly running to Mark Ingram.

The star running the same in the same time, in the fourth quarter of the Brown Competition, this is a “good news” because of a mild or moderate calf, and the coach. When I greeted the Menlian semi-final in mid-month, the star running guards can be returned.

The crow has been locked in the name of the United States after defeating Brown, which means they will enjoy the entire home advantage before the super bowl game, so they have no record in the last game against the steel man.

“This is very simple,” Hubble said when talking about the Snow main force, “If you are quiet, think about it, you will find that this is not a very difficult decision, but a very reliable choice.”

However, this game is very important for steel people. They need to win this game more and hope to enter the playoffs, and they want to count Titan finally lost to Texas. Even if they lose to the crow, they have not lost the opportunity, but more teams need to help.

In this regard, 2012 Latumean show, former Haisman prize winner Robert Griffin III will ushend the first opportunity on the 17th week.

In addition to Jackson and Ingeraha, the main striker Marshall – Danda, main safety Wei Er – Thomas and defensive cut Brandon – Williams will not play at this game.

Before doing this decision, the coach bribe also consulted the opinions of Yanda and others; although his team 11 wins high songs, but for the journey of the playoffs, maybe these main force will take more rest for a week. Combine.

It depends on the crow wants to maintain a competitive state, or want to avoid the risk of injury. Obviously, the team chose the latter.

Such a decision also means that Jackson’s 2019 regular season officially ended. He also became the first first season in the history of NFL, the first season of the first season, the ball exceeding 3000 yards and the ball exceeding 1000 yards.

At present, he takes 36 pass to lead the entire alliance, and the 1206 yards of the scorpion code will also make him in the sixth place (ranked with running guards).

Despite this choice to be reasonable, in the past few years, the practice of the Snow-hunting main force is not much. In the past 5 years, 4 teams have locked the list of heads before the 17th week, and only 1 team will choose to make their own main quadrants.

Other teams will make at least four points to fight a half.

Although Jackson expressed his wishes of the game after defeating Brown, Hubble did not ask his opinions before making a decision, and Habang said “I know that he will fully agree.”

Ingram’s injured real shocked the crow fans. He walked down the court in the game and wore protective boots after the game. The strong running guards packed the 15th shocked ball of Ray-Ray in 2011 in 2011.

“I hope he can recover in two weeks,” Hubble said, “We will wait and see.”

At the same time, Hubble emphasizes a little, although the team took six professional bowls, but did not represent the results of the game. Their top priority is to win the game. Although the crow’s game is 1 point from the crow.

“This is a true knife, the opponent is a steel man.” Hubble said, “They have reason to pay, we also know this, we will also do our best, I will play with my team members. The best match. “