Congratulations to the country, Li Tie is a major change in Oman, Luo Guofu, Fu Alan, double, 3-0 wins

On November 3, Beijing time, the latest Chinese men’s foot-warming game, the national football finally defeated the Shenzhen team with 3: 0, and won a very important victory.

This afternoon, the Chinese team will arrange two games. The warm-up match is the www today news Zhejiang team of Shenzhen team and China in a short time. In this game, Li Tie has made a great change, that is The two naturalized balls Alan and the Luo Gui Di Feng line, the first battle, Exxon did not enter the first list, and the two naturalization strikes have a fairly excellent play in the game.

This game did not conduct live broadcast, because it was a teaching competition, so there was no live broadcast, but according to the report of the reporter on the spot, it was shown that in the case of only a few minutes, Luo Guo business remedies epaper is successful for the Chinese team. I broke the score and told Li Tie with practical actions: I am more suitable for the first instead of being a troops. After that, I didn’t have to break the door again, and the score was expanded to 2: 0, and the Alan scored, so that the Chinese team was eventually 3: 0 to overcome the opponent.

To know that in this game, Shenzhen sent several foreign aids, such as Calderk and Achim Peng, both have started playing, and also like Yu Shuai, Zhang Her, Wang Yongpo, etc. In the middle, Dai Wei also led the midfield, so the Chinese team can play a score of 3: 0, fully illustrate that the two origin does play a immediate role, it is better to comply with the public opinion, consider whether it will be in the next pair of Aman and Australia. During the game, two or even gave three naturalization strikes from india to start in the game.

So the whole, this is definitely a huge good news for the Chinese team. It means that the Chinese team has a positive change in the two games of Arman and Australia, and Li Tie is willing to make a positive change, then the Chinese team has hope. In fact, from the level of strategy, use two naturalization strikes and even the three major naturalization, the first half has achieved good results, the second half will fight against defense, this is more than the Chinese team, it may be more Suitable choice. This ok picture full hd video time I hope that Li Tie has changed, don’t give up.